So You Want The Wedding Venue Of Your Dreams?

When you get engaged, not only are you floating on cloud nine with happiness, but you’ve also got a lot of vital decisions to make. Whether you’ve had your dream wedding planned in your head since you were a little girl, or you’re looking for the perfect theme, one of the most important decisions to make is where you’re going to get married. Deciding on a venue is a big deal. It not only sets the theme of your wedding, but also the kind of plans you can make. So, when you start looking into venues, here’s what you need to consider.

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Of course, the main thing that’s going to be on your mind when you look at pictures of venues and physically walk around them is ascetics. Because what the venue actually looks like is hugely important to you and your future husband – especially if you have a set look in mind. But, it’s also worth thinking about the views that the venue offers you. Not only do you want to remember this day forever, but you want to make sure that the photos you get are perfect.


Next up, space. When you’re planning a wedding, you’ve got lots of parts of the day to plan. From the ceremony itself to the reception to drinks receptions, dancing and even where you’re going to get ready in the morning. So, as you look at potential wedding venues, you need to see where everything can go. Look at each of the rooms that are available to you and see if you’re happy with where each part of the wedding would potentially be held.

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Services Offered

Then you’re also going to want to chat to the venue owners to events team to see what services their venue comes with. Sometimes, you will find that you’re quite restricted by what they offer, in the sense that you have to use their services rather than your own. So, if their offerings don’t match up with what you have in mind, you might then need to find a place that offers the venue alone and not a full service wedding.

Supplies Available

Along with the services that the venue can offer you, you should also think about the supplies. If you want a dance floor or cocktail making station, or anything else that the venue does or doesn’t supply, you’re going to need to make sure you can find a specialist, like Barlens wedding supplies, that can make sure your wedding looks like it should.


This part is either going to be all important to you or irrelevant. But, you do need to consider the cost. If you’re on a tight budget, your venue choice may come down to what you can afford. Or, if you have no budget, you should be able to consider any options available to you. However, if you are trying to stick to a set limit, you should work out the top floor you have to spend on the venue and only look at venues under that, so as not to get disheartened.

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Choosing A Wedding Venue: Your Ultimate Guide

The biggest day of your life could also be the biggest disappointment of your life, if you don’t act smartly.

Planning a wedding is made up of a ton of different decisions, but here, we’re going to focus solely on venue. It’s the space where the magic will happen, but if you don’t select the right building, your occasion could slip away into mediocrity.

So, don’t let it! Below, you’ll find plenty of short, digestible tips that you may not have considered. Just remember that, ultimately, the choice is yours. Letting people sway you one way or another is just as bad as choosing a poor venue yourself.

Consider an off-season wedding

The cost of a venue in mid-March will be a lot lower than the end of July. Certain times of year are busier than others, and that means prices are higher. If possible, choose a less popular slot so you can keep costs down.

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Visit the venue beforehand

Pictures are fine, but you never really know what you have until you take a look in person. Perhaps the room is colder than you’d like, or it looked bigger in the pictures. Either way, have a thorough inspection before slapping down the cash.

Try the food beforehand

Whichever wedding catering provider you opt for, make it a priority to test the food before the big day. Some companies will even come to your house for this. It’s important to ensure the food is to your liking; after all, this is your special day.

Factor in extra fees

Some venues charge you to keep the bar open past 11pm, while others charge for music past midnight. Make sure you ask all the right questions when you’re viewing, especially in regards to hidden costs.

Choose a venue with plenty of transport links

A barn in the middle of nowhere may provide a ton of stylistic appeal, but how much will a taxi cost for your guests? Are there any buses? It’s safe to assume that alcohol will be involved in your wedding, so make sure people can get about without driving themselves.

Negotiate cost deductions

If the venue offers a photo booth in the price and you don’t want one, ask if you can deduct it from your bill. Enquire about any deductible chunks of the package that you may not want or need.

Pick a memorable location

Perhaps it was the place where you first met, or it’s the place where you were proposed to. Maybe it’s the place you spent your first holiday together, or where your grandparents were wed. Choosing a sentimental place makes the wedding feel more personal, and about you!

Try and get sole use of the venue

Otherwise, there’ll be two or three parties going on at once, in different parts of the building. Besides being confusing for the guests, this creates more noise than you’d like.

Don’t book the first venue you see

It may seem great, but there could be an even better one around the corner. Instead, take plenty of pictures and notes from your favourite places, so you can make some comparisons.

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