Wedding Dress Tips and Tricks

Are the days tickling next to your wedding day? Have you met all the prerequisite before the 11th hour comes beckoning on your side? If yes, you need to put everything right into place. One of the main concerns in any wedding day and to the couples is the wedding dress. The major problem that arises when it comes to choosing a wedding dress is the availability of hundreds of options. Today, wedding cost is majorly taken care of by the couple not unlike in the past where parents were involved. This means that cost needs to be put at bay. That is why attractive but inexpensive wedding dresses become almost necessary to everyone.

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The mother of the bride dresses buying is not like buying a credit voucher where less is considered. When it comes to this kind of dress shopping, many factors are put into consideration. You may think of buying inexpensive wedding dresses that will not compromise the auspicious looks of the occasion. To achieve this, you need to put several factors into consideration and shopping wisely online.

Never buy a wedding dress without consulting with your spouse. You may end up over spending or using less money yet getting something that does not impress his eyesight. The budget that is put by each member of the team should be adhered to.  The gown color should not have a wide gap with that of your groom. Try to pick something that looks almost similar in terms of hue. The flattering appearance of your wedding dress should be appealing to everyone. To know about that, ask the groom and the other guys involved.


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Learn The Tricks of Dressing For Your Role At A Wedding

A wedding is one of those occasions on which everyone wants to look their best. There are cameras everywhere, for a start. It’s not possible to go and hang back from the official wedding photographer because camera phones exist. And in any case, there are lots of people there! It’s a wedding; there’s no point in trying to pass off smart casual here.

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Of course, the need to really get dressed up depends on your role in the wedding. If you’re in a starring role, it is clearly more important to stand out. If you’re one of the extras, it doesn’t mean you can show up in your bathrobe and jogging bottoms, but you have more freedom. And then there is the question of “How dressy is too dressy?”. You won’t be thanked for outshining the bride and groom, be sure of that.

  1. Bridesmaids

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On the rare occasions that bridesmaid dresses aren’t picked out for you as part of the planning, you have a brief to stick to. Know what the bride is going to wear and complement her. If the wedding has a theme or a specific “look”, work within it. Say the bride has dispensed with the white dress and is wearing powder blue. A darker, more muted blue can work here. Nothing too short, and not too many accessories.

  1. Mother Of The Bride

You brought her into the world, so people will forgive you for making it classy. What you’re aiming for is something refined – you’re proud your little girl is having her big day. You’re full of joy that she’s all grown up, while a little emotional about a big change. You can find some great outfits around even if you’re not a supermodel. Classy Outfits For Plus Size Mother of the Brides aren’t too hard to find, so you can feel good whatever your shape.

  1. A Friend Of Bride Or Groom

You’re not the best man; you’re not the maid of honor. Oh, come on, get over it, it’s obvious who they were going to pick. Your time will come! Bonus: You get to choose the outfit without editorial control from the couple. Now, don’t let this go to your head, but it’s a good time to break out your sharpest outfit, or buy something special for the day. No, not a bright gold silk suit – don’t be that guy. A well-cut dark purple number could really work, though.

It’s a special occasion, and as such it merits a bit of extra effort when it comes to how you dress. The key here is to treat the event with the gravity it deserves. At the same time, weddings always come with parties attached, so you want to cut a dash whatever you wear. You also need to remember that you’ll be expected to dance, so don’t go with anything too tight.

When people look back on photos of the wedding, of course, it’s the happy couple they’ll be looking for. But it is being recorded for posterity. It’d be a shame to let an opportunity to impress slip, wouldn’t it?

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What You Can’t Do Without At Your Wedding!

It’s easy to let wedding fever run away with you and your pocket book. With more and more glamorous luxe wedding being shown on TV and in magazines it easy to think that we need all of the things they have, to have a good wedding. Well, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes a simple wedding is the best. But however big or small your budget is there are some things that you just cannot do without.

Wedding dress

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The first thing you can’t do without is a dress or outfit to get married in. You don’t have to wear a traditional dress; a nice pant suit is a good look if you’re not really a meringue sort of girl. It doesn’t have to be an official wedding dress either. They can cost a fortune, and some women are just more comfortable in a cute dress from a department store. It’s your wedding and your day, so you make sure you wear what you want and don’t listen to anyone that tells you otherwise.

Wedding Car

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It’s important to have some transport to and from the service and the reception in place before the big day. Use a company like Get Chauffeured, limo hire services if you are wearing a proper wedding dress. What many brides don’t realize is that as a lot of cars are not big enough to fit the bottom part of the dress in without creasing it. Of course, it’s also really nice to arrive in style on your wedding day.

Official place

The next thing you cannot do without is an official place in which to get married. In some countries, you need to be in specially sanctioned place to tie the knot according to the law. Make sure you know the rules and regulations around this if you are planning a home garden wedding before you start the rest of the proceedings.


You are also going to need an official to conduct the service. Although if you get married in a church or at city hall, this will all be taken care of for you.

However if you don’t want that sort of wedding, you will need someone that is qualified to marry you. You can have a friend or family member to do your service, but they will need to get ordained first. See here for how this works.

Suit for the Groom

Another thing you will need is an outfit for the groom. While it is traditional for the groom to wear top hat and tails, you can really go with whatever you want. I’ve seen successful weddings with flack jackets and bow ties, just make sure the bride gives it her seal of approval before you buy.


Lastly, photos are something that you don’t want to do without on your wedding day. However camera shy you are you were going to want to have a record of your special day to look back on. Get your photographer to a few shots of the ceremony itself and then some of you together as a couple. You can get some cool advice on cute poses here.

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Who Does What At A Wedding?

There are so many different traditions for a wedding. Some have roots in old religious ceremonies for the union of two families. Others have stemmed from generations of superstitions. At the end of the day, this wedding is your wedding. Only you and your spouse-to-be have any say in how the ceremony is performed or the structure of your most beautiful day.

Of course, it can be fun to delve into some of the more familiar traditions that are still commonplace today. Involving your family and friends in the happy event is one of the best bits of getting married. And it seems that everyone important in your life has a role to play in the traditional wedding. Let’s start with the Bride’s people.

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Your Father could be the perfect choice for companion as you walk down the aisle at your wedding ceremony. If you’re wearing a veil, he may even be the one to reveal you to your partner. Your sister, or best girlfriend may already have made the mighty journey to the front of your venue. As the Maid of Honor, she may just be the perfect person to take care of all those last minute preparations. She’s the one who will make sure you never find out about any hiccups on your big day. Perhaps some young cousins took on the role of flower girls to drop petals in front of your feet as you walked.

Your friends may be dressed in matching outfits for the one and only time in their lives as your bridesmaids. They may also have acted as Ushers for your side of the venue. Your Mom will be the second most beautiful woman in the room. She’s wearing an elegant dress and hat and is already seated at the front of the room. Her job has been one of the busiest, helping you organize the flowers, the venues, the catering and so on.

For your husband-to-be, his best friend is more than just a Best Man at the wedding. He’ll be delivering the first speech at the reception. He’ll tell the room that his mate couldn’t have picked a more beautiful girl. And he’ll be the one that has kept your fella upright and in good shape for the whole morning! He may also be responsible for taking care of your wedding bands. And when you’re talking about expensive gold or titanium wedding rings, you know he has to be someone your hubby really trusts.

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The Mother of the Groom will be the one who has made sure every guy in the place looks impeccable. She’ll have attached their buttonholes and made sure their ties were straight. And the Father of the Groom may have been welcoming guests into the venue all morning. Brothers and cousins of the Groom may also have acted as Page Boys or Ushers.

That leaves the Officiant or Celebrant. They are the ones who will ensure you are legally joined in marriage. The Celebrant guides you through the ceremony and helps you publicly declare your love for each other. Congratulations!

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Wear a Stylish Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses on Your Friend’s Wedding

Bridesmaids are not exclusive to single ladies who want to become a part of the wedding entourage. What if your best friend whom you promised to be your maid of honor or bridesmaid becomes pregnant? Her pregnancy is not a blockade, why you cannot include her in your wedding list. She could look more gorgeous and sexy with a maternity bridesmaid dress that is tailor made for her.

If you happen to be the pregnant bridesmaid, you don’t have to worry about what to wear on your best friend’s wedding as you can order the outfit online. There are shops that offers a lot of designs for expectant mothers who are proud of their looks despite their condition. The bridesmaid dresses can be knee-length, ankle-length, and tee-length to floor-length or midi-length. The bridesmaid dresses come in different color to suit the wedding motif and the fabric consist of chiffon, Charmeuse, taffeta, satin, tulle, or any combination of these clothing materials.

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The design of the maternity bridesmaid dresses can be empire square, off-shoulder, one-strap, or one-shoulder strap, empire V-neck, and strapless or empire sweetheart. If you want to look stunning, you can shop for empire halter floor- length dress or look innocent in a princess strapless knee-length dress. Look sophisticated with sheath sweetheart dress in fuchsia pink to bring out your innocence. You can be as elegant as the bride when you wear a flattering dress from shops which is the home of different types of gowns for weddings, junior and senior’s ball or debut.

Being pregnant should not deter you from attending family and social events because you can always shop chic and stylish dresses to fit a certain occasion. When you order the dress, don’t forget to get the exact measurement of your abdomen and give allowance because your baby’s weight continues to increase. You should feel comfortable on the wedding day by wearing a bridesmaid maternity dress that is not so tight or too loose. Buy a dress that brings out your sexiness despite the bulge.

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