Things To Do When Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue

We know what it is like; when it comes to your wedding there are more decisions to make than you can ever possibly comprehend. That’s why prioritizing your list is so important. Knowing what matters most on your big day is the only way you will be able to make sense of the endless options you’re staring at, but nothing is more important than your wedding venue.

This is one of the most important decisions you and your husband to be will make. This is because choosing where you will get married is a massive deal; it is what sets the tone of your day and is the superglue that will hold so much of your wedding together, and so much of planning will hang in the balance until you finally decide.

As such, we have come up with a few things to make a note of when it comes to choosing your venue. Enjoy.

Know The Budget

You and your partner need to be open, honest and committed to how much of your total budget you are willing to spend on getting the venue of your dreams. Is it going to be 25% of the budget? Or maybe half? This can be tricky, so make sure you know what you are getting with that money. Think about capacity, location, and how much bang they offer you for your buck.

Number Of Guests

You don’t need to have a fixed number. You don’t need to say, we are having 112 adults and 14 children. That’s because this number will change; it’s part and parcel of the guest list game. However, you should have a rough idea of how many people you want to join in with your celebrations. By knowing this, your vendors will be able to tell you how much they’ll charge, meaning you’ll know how much you have to spend, and what sort of wedding you’ll have; big or small.

Tour With The Photographer

This is often the most stressful and most fun part of the venue hunt, but to lean more toward the fun side of things we recommend is you take your chosen photographer along with you, if you can that is. Your photographs are going to be your reminder of that big day for years, so you’ll want to get this right. If you know you want to have the wedding in Lake Como, and you know you want to use Vittore Buzzi, then take them to the venue and let them help you decide what will look best. This will help this go smoother on the day and let them plan their shots a little more in advance.

Know Your Theme

Knowing what theme you want to run with on your big day will have a big sway over what venue you choose because certain style will complement certain venues more than others. Your wedding venue is going to be a huge party of love story you tell, so decide whether you want it to be inside or outside, formal or casual, country chic or black-tie. Your wedding planner and photographer will be able to help you understand how to best interpret this and bring it to life when it matters.

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Before The Wedding: Tips To Keep Your Engagement Engaging

There’s nothing quite like getting engaged – it’s one of the most exciting days of your whole life and holds promises of even more exciting days to come. But when you’re in the middle of preparing for your wedding, it can be pretty stressful, which means that at times your relationship might be a little fraught. Here are some tips to help you ensure that your engagement is just as much fun as your relationship has been so far…

Look At Your Engagement Differently

A lot of people think of their engagement simply as the run-up to their wedding and spend all of their time planning for their big day. Try to take a step back from that, and focus on the current stage of your relationship instead of frantically planning for the next one. You’ve promised to spend your lives together but you haven’t made those vows just yet – it’s time to appreciate being committed and together and footloose and fancy free all at the same time.

couple, engagement, kissing

[Photo courtesy of Katie Salerno/]

Give Yourself Time

Getting married is incredible, of course, but it’s also one of the most stressful things you can do. A wedding might not seem all that difficult to plan but the truth is that it will take you a lot of time and cost you a lot of money – so don’t rush into it. Give yourself at least a year, preferably more, to organize your wedding. This will mean that you won’t get too stressed and you also won’t have too many problems with money as a result of not having much time to save.

blur, close-up, couple

[Photo courtesy of Scott Webb/]

Keep Communicating

The fact that you’re engaged doesn’t mean that your relationship is now magically perfect. Now more than ever you have to make sure that you keep working on it, learning how to talk to each other and how to be kind to each other, and focusing on your life together. You could even consider going to counseling – it isn’t just for people who are having problems. If that isn’t for you, make sure that you start to communicate in a productive way – explain the way you feel, don’t be dismissive or snappy, and trust your partner to understand you.

adult, band, blur

[Photo courtesy of Unsplash/]

Be Organized With Your Planning

One way to make wedding planning a whole lot less stressful is to be organized. Give yourself plenty of internal deadlines and make a spreadsheet so you can see exactly what you’ve done, what you’ve paid for, and what you still need to organize. Speak to all your vendors as early as possible, from a wholesale diamonds seller to figure out your rings to a DJ who will enable you and your family and friends to dance the night away.

beach, california, couple

[Photo courtesy of Josh Willink/]

Take A Vacation

Finally, it’s important to relish spending time together. Go on date nights at least once a week where you don’t talk about wedding planning at all, and take a vacation together once or twice. It doesn’t have to be expensive – just a weekend away during which you can turn your phones off, relax, and enjoy being together.

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What You Can’t Do Without At Your Wedding!

It’s easy to let wedding fever run away with you and your pocket book. With more and more glamorous luxe wedding being shown on TV and in magazines it easy to think that we need all of the things they have, to have a good wedding. Well, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes a simple wedding is the best. But however big or small your budget is there are some things that you just cannot do without.

Wedding dress

Wedding Dresses, Castle, Bride

[Photo courtesy of maya_7966/]

The first thing you can’t do without is a dress or outfit to get married in. You don’t have to wear a traditional dress; a nice pant suit is a good look if you’re not really a meringue sort of girl. It doesn’t have to be an official wedding dress either. They can cost a fortune, and some women are just more comfortable in a cute dress from a department store. It’s your wedding and your day, so you make sure you wear what you want and don’t listen to anyone that tells you otherwise.

Wedding Car

Limousine, Car, Luxury, Limo, Vehicle, Transportation

[Photo courtesy of Tammydz/]

It’s important to have some transport to and from the service and the reception in place before the big day. Use a company like Get Chauffeured, limo hire services if you are wearing a proper wedding dress. What many brides don’t realize is that as a lot of cars are not big enough to fit the bottom part of the dress in without creasing it. Of course, it’s also really nice to arrive in style on your wedding day.

Official place

The next thing you cannot do without is an official place in which to get married. In some countries, you need to be in specially sanctioned place to tie the knot according to the law. Make sure you know the rules and regulations around this if you are planning a home garden wedding before you start the rest of the proceedings.


You are also going to need an official to conduct the service. Although if you get married in a church or at city hall, this will all be taken care of for you.

However if you don’t want that sort of wedding, you will need someone that is qualified to marry you. You can have a friend or family member to do your service, but they will need to get ordained first. See here for how this works.

Suit for the Groom

Another thing you will need is an outfit for the groom. While it is traditional for the groom to wear top hat and tails, you can really go with whatever you want. I’ve seen successful weddings with flack jackets and bow ties, just make sure the bride gives it her seal of approval before you buy.


Lastly, photos are something that you don’t want to do without on your wedding day. However camera shy you are you were going to want to have a record of your special day to look back on. Get your photographer to a few shots of the ceremony itself and then some of you together as a couple. You can get some cool advice on cute poses here.

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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Your important day is coming up, and you’re planning everything to be perfect! It’s easy to get caught up in the details such as flowers and dresses. Often overlooked is an important question: who is the photographer?

You need to remember that your special day only happens once. So capturing those amazing moments is important. If you choose your photographer correctly, you’ll relive those special moments and fall in love all over again every time you see your album.

Photographer with two cameras

[Photo courtesy of]

Here are some top tips for choosing the best photographer:


It can be tempting to find a cheap photographer as an afterthought. Perhaps a student friend of the family, or even a family member. These people will not do as good as a professional! It may be expensive splash out on a pro, but you’ll reap the rewards when you see the difference years of experience make. Your images will be with you for years, so it’s important to make sure you haven’t cut corners!


You cannot underestimate your personal preference when it comes to style! A photographer may be at your budget, and may be amazing in everyone else’s eyes. But look through their portfolio first. If you don’t see images that take your breath away, you need to keep looking! It’s rewarding for a photographer if you love their work. They’ll be your special moments captured in the style you love!

Think about how the photographer edits the images. Do you prefer a more traditional look or something more off the wall? Do you prefer natural shots or posed portraits? There’s a lot to consider, so make sure you choose well!

See an album

A photographer may wow you with their portfolio, but what can they offer you on a full day? If you see only one fantastic shot of someone’s wedding, make sure you ask to see the rest too. The photographer may get that ‘wow factor’ shot. You need to make sure they’re capable of capturing every important moment of your day and make it look great.


Make sure you get on well with your photographer. The more comfortable you feel around each other, the better your images will be. If you’re nervous around each other, they’ll be less likely to get up close and capture the moment! If you’re welcoming and friendly, they’ll return the favor with the most beautiful pictures! It’s not all down to you, though, if you just don’t get on with a photographer you should stop and find someone else!


You’ve found a photographer, fallen in love with their images, and decided to use them. Perfect! Make sure that you book their services ASAP.

The chosen photographer may be taking bookings a year or two in advance. Make sure you don’t miss out by booking early and considering your options long before the big day!

Remember during the summers months is a popular time to get married, so photographers are particularly busy at this time of year.

Good luck on your journey in finding a photographer for your big day!

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Easy Ways To Step Up The Glamour Of Your Big Day

Your wedding day will be one of the biggest celebrations you ever throw, so it needs to be spot on. It’s not just about picking the perfect venue and the right dress; it’s all about the small things. The key to having a wedding that’s enjoyed by everyone and remembered for all the right reasons is adding touches of glamour.

[Photo courtesy of  Lara White/]

It’s amazing how a few simple touches can make such a difference to the look and feel of your big day. The good news is that upping the glamor of your wedding isn’t hard, at least, it doesn’t have to be. It’s just a case of knowing what will make a difference and give your wedding that extra element of sophistication that it needs.

How do you add glamour to your big day? Here’s a list of ideas.

Offer glamorous transport for guests

Start your day off well with complimentary transport for guests. If the Church is not within walking distance of your reception, then offering your guests transport is a great way to make them feel special. Plus, it’s little touches like this that add an extra sense of glamor to the day.

Take the time to research what’s on offer in the area, and find transport that matches your wedding theme, if you have one. There are plenty of group transportation services to choose from. From buses and trains to stretched limos, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a suitable service. Look for a company that allows you to decorate their vehicles to add a little extra glamor to them.

Pick perfect table decorations

[Photo courtesy of Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach Hotel/]

The tables are one of the main features at your reception, so the decorations need to be perfect. An excellent way to add glamor to your reception is by finding ways to give each table an elegant look. This is much easier than you would think, it’s just a case of being smart about what you decorate with.

Cheap, plastic items are a big no-no. Crystal items, pretty place mats, and lace are all ideal, as are candles, flowers, and a few sprinkles of rose petals. High-quality linen tablecloths are also a great idea, as these give the tables a fancier look.

Get the lighting spot on

Lighting has a big impact on the look and feel of a space. Bright overhead lighting instantly takes away the feeling of sophistication and elegance, so this is a big no-no. Instead, it’s best to opt for lighting that gives the space a soft glow. This makes it feel warmer and more intimate, as well as helping to add elegance.

For this, chandelier-style lighting is perfect. As are candles dotted around, both tea lights and larger candles. Fairy lights can also be a great touch to add, as long as they’re a minimalistic design. Getting your lighting right doesn’t have to be hard, it may just be a case of finding out from your venue what you can and can’t do.

Serve sophisticated drinks

[Photo courtesy of  lukaskritzinger14/]

Last but not least, serve a selection of sophisticated drinks. How glamorous a celebration is, doesn’t just rely on the decor and setting, but also on what is served at it. A reception that has vintage-style cocktails and glasses of champagne being served will instantly have an elegant vibe to it. There’s plenty of inspiration online for elegant drinks, so have a browse and see what you find. You could also ask your barman to recommend some to try, to ensure that you have a good selection on offer.

There you have it, all the best ways to add glamor to your big day. Happy planning!

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