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Before The Wedding: Tips To Keep Your Engagement Engaging

There’s nothing quite like getting engaged – it’s one of the most exciting days of your whole life and holds promises of even more exciting days to come. But when you’re in the middle of preparing for your wedding, it can be pretty stressful, which means that at times your relationship might be a little fraught. Here are some tips to help you ensure that your engagement is just as much fun as your relationship has been so far…

Look At Your Engagement Differently

A lot of people think of their engagement simply as the run-up to their wedding and spend all of their time planning for their big day. Try to take a step back from that, and focus on the current stage of your relationship instead of frantically planning for the next one. You’ve promised to spend your lives together but you haven’t made those vows just yet – it’s time to appreciate being committed and together and footloose and fancy free all at the same time.

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Give Yourself Time

Getting married is incredible, of course, but it’s also one of the most stressful things you can do. A wedding might not seem all that difficult to plan but the truth is that it will take you a lot of time and cost you a lot of money – so don’t rush into it. Give yourself at least a year, preferably more, to organize your wedding. This will mean that you won’t get too stressed and you also won’t have too many problems with money as a result of not having much time to save.

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Keep Communicating

The fact that you’re engaged doesn’t mean that your relationship is now magically perfect. Now more than ever you have to make sure that you keep working on it, learning how to talk to each other and how to be kind to each other, and focusing on your life together. You could even consider going to counseling – it isn’t just for people who are having problems. If that isn’t for you, make sure that you start to communicate in a productive way – explain the way you feel, don’t be dismissive or snappy, and trust your partner to understand you.

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Be Organized With Your Planning

One way to make wedding planning a whole lot less stressful is to be organized. Give yourself plenty of internal deadlines and make a spreadsheet so you can see exactly what you’ve done, what you’ve paid for, and what you still need to organize. Speak to all your vendors as early as possible, from a wholesale diamonds seller to figure out your rings to a DJ who will enable you and your family and friends to dance the night away.

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Take A Vacation

Finally, it’s important to relish spending time together. Go on date nights at least once a week where you don’t talk about wedding planning at all, and take a vacation together once or twice. It doesn’t have to be expensive – just a weekend away during which you can turn your phones off, relax, and enjoy being together.

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Why Do Some People Fear Losing Themselves In Relationships?

What is life? In fact life is a combination of relationships. These are the relationships that make the life very happy and alive. Without having relationships in this life we can’t feel the happiness. It is considered that these are very essential for the continuity of life as well as next generations. Those who are spending this life alone can’t compare the life of a happy person. The couples having strong relationships are enjoying each and every moment of this life. Don’t be worried about the losing. This is the part of life game. The main thing you have to see is the importance of a person in your life and business. It is a true fact that no one can live without a beloved one. Either you become a beloved one or make a beloved one, there will be limitations.

Why relationships end?

It is a big question that why the relationships end. There are several possible answers but the best answers are given below.

  •   Lack of interest.
  •   Lack of trust.
  •   Mutual understanding.
  •   Third party sources.

You are needed to take care of these four factors when feeling fear of losing the beloved one. On the other hand, if you are an expert author writing on some social issues related to the relations then you should not ignore the dissertation help service. This service will allow you to gain more information in terms of essays, research papers and books.

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Intimacy as the first important factor

Be careful, the intimacy is the first most important thing or factor having involvement in the fear of losing. You need to stay connected with the beloved ones but in a careful way. Don’t let them go too far if you don’t want to see them with someone else. This fear can make the people puzzling. The victims of this factor usually show various responses and behaviors towards the relationship. There are possibilities to stay neutral in this matter. Staying neutral is the best policy when you have fear of losing yourself in the relationships.

Patterns of activities and routines

There are patters of routines and activities. These patterns are found between the couples. Remember, there will be sets of patterns between you and your beloved one. It is required to make these patterns straightforward. If you will ignore the patterns of relationships then there will be higher chances of relationship breakup. Be careful because it is a matter of your home and family.

Associations and stories

Every person has some associations and stories linked with his life. Most of the people consider these stories and associations a threat for themselves. No doubt, they are right because these can change the mind and thoughts of any person any time. However, if you are facing such conditions then you should try to win the trust of your closers. In this way you can avoid the fear of losing the relationships. Using these practices and considerations allow the people to maintain the happiness in life.

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The Pros And Cons Of A Surprise Proposal Of Marriage

Maybe you’ve been together for years. Or maybe you’ve had a whirlwind romance. Perhaps you’ve been talking about forever, like forever. Or it could be that you’ve had a wedding plan in your head since long before your current beau arrived on the scene. So what on earth do you do if he suddenly throws himself to ground on one knee with a box containing a flashy ring? Laugh? Cry? Look puzzled? And those four incredible words pour from his mouth… ‘Will You Marry Me?’

Many girls dream of the day someone declares their undying love and promises to stay with them forever. But dreams fade or they may just not be relevant to your life today. The main problem with your fella suddenly and surprisingly proposing is that you feel pressure. You have to think fast and give a single syllable answer straight away. Yes, or No. It’s not fair to you, and the answer you choose could break his heart.

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So what is he doing it for? Did he run out of ideas for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe he saw an offer on engagement rings he just couldn’t walk away from? The truth is, very few guys would propose marriage if they didn’t genuinely love and adore you. He wants to be with you, and he wants to demonstrate his commitment to you. But if you haven’t talked about it yet, how can you be sure you’re ready to offer that level of love back?

Another problem with surprise proposals is the ring. You didn’t pick it. When you watch a romantic movie, and the female lead character is offered a ring she’s never seen before, she loves it. This isn’t always true in real life. As women, we’ve probably perused the engagement ring counters a few times in our life. We have a pretty good idea where our tastes lie! You wanted something with beautiful colors like Australian Opal engagement rings have. He got a single diamond solitaire. What do you do?

Is timing everything for a marriage proposal? For it to be incredibly romantic (as it should be), then yes. The timing needs to be right for a proposal. But it needs to be the right time for you to be considering spending the rest of your life with this particular man. This is why so many couples talk about marriage for a while before jointly deciding to make it official. They may live together to test the waters. Perhaps a vacation away will identify any cracks in your relationship.

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Proposals can also be somewhat embarrassing if you’re shy. It brings a lot of attention your way from passers-by, party guests, other diners or whoever may be about. This can add to the pressure if you’re not quite ready to say yes. On the other hand, this could be that moment your love sweeps you off your feet with the most romantic gesture of all time. Swoon.

Perhaps every girl secretly wants the movie-style romance of a surprise proposal. Sure, you can swap the ring later. And engagements can last as long as you need them to. But that one moment of incredible bliss when a man drops onto one knee could be all the assurance you need that this love is for you.

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Online Dating and Romance Scam

The popularity of free online dating services has grown rapidly, more and more people rely on online dating to meet new people and find the partner of their lives. Online dating changed the way singles look for their life partners, the old dating traditions was gradually vanished because most singles found online dating exciting and more interesting.

Finding your soul mates through online dating is not wrong but when joining you should be careful and aware of the people you are dealing with. You should pay attention to the consistency of the information given to you, on this way you are able to detect if the person you are dating online is lying. Always used your instincts and logic to avoid being deceived or scammed by people online.

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Today, I have watched a documentary about people being scammed by the person who they love and trust online. Most of them where women being scammed by their online partner, they were asked to send money in exchange of the package being held in a custom in Malaysia or the guy was in a serious problem in the airport for carrying a huge amount of check and need money to pay the tax or pay the charges for money laundering and etc.,

Mostly this men introduced their selves as widow with one child, claiming they are from the UK or US but honestly they are usually from Nigeria. Women should be aware of this syndicate. If someone send you something as a gift you should not pay for it unless you are claiming it in postal office where you have to pay storage fee not more than P50.00. Be sure that you know the person very well before sending money and everything to your gf/bf.

Read more here about this at

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Five Perfect Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

Single? Hate the ‘v’ word? fear not. This article isn’t going to implore you to buy the best valentines gifts or list those all-too romantic movies and love songs. and don’t worry, nor will it encourage you to indulge in copious chocolate binges and pity fests.

If you’re one of the bittersweet singletons among us, then read on, because February 14th is a day of celebration. Here are a few valentines ideas for singles that don’t necessarily glorify the romance of v-day, but celebrate love in general – love for yourself, your friends, your relatives and so on. These valentines ideas could also work for singles who would prefer to be coupled up. So go on; revel regardless of your relationship status.

Luxuriate in yourself. Given that valentine’s day is quintessentially about love, why not spend the day, well, loving yourself? Leave work early and pamper yourself with a lavish mini-pedi or chill at home in front of the television alongside your favorite takeaway. at the end of the day, you only have yourself to please, right?

Start something you’ve been meaning to finish. If indulging yourself isn’t really your style, then use the day to finish (or start) something you’ve been meaning to get done. Get those finances sorted, rearrange your kitchen cupboards, re-decorate the lounge, paint your nails…anything goes. Singles on valentine s day definitely don’t spend February 14th wallowing.

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Try something new. Valentines day for singles doesn’t have to revolve around romance. How about taking up yoga? Learn the art of ballet dancing? Start something you’ve never done before or hardly got to do because of your hectic schedule, such as baking, cooking or swimming.

Spread the love. What goes around comes around, as they say so start an epidemic. Send love someone else’s way. Is there a co-worker or friend who could do with a spot of pampering? Does your local barista or sandwich maker look in need of cheering up? Treat them to a hallmark card, or if you really want to blaze a trail, volunteer locally and help someone less fortunate than you. One act of kindness breeds a domino effect of goodness.

Better to be single than an unhappy couple. Remind yourself that couple doesn’t guarantee happiness. For many couples, February 14th means a lot of stress, with worries about what valentine deals to buy and whether their partner will remember. Being single is less lonely than being miserably attached. Spend the day as you see fit; having spent the whole night in a snore-free bed on your own, you’ll feel fresh to enjoy the day and spend it eating, doing, watching and playing whatever the hell you want.

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