Wrong Expectation When Dating a Foreigner

Most Asian women think that marrying  a foreigner is a path to gold.  They mostly thought that if you are married to a foreigner you can get everything you want and wear any clothes and jewelries you like. Might be absolutely true to somebody but not for everyone, marrying a foreigner doesn’t mean anything aside from it boost your status in the society as most people thought you are rich when you are married to foreigners.

Anyway I am not going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of being married to a foreigner but I rather talk about the topic I stumbled in the forum, it was been a long time since I visit the page because I became a little busy online.

The sender has no complaint about her boyfriend when it comes to relationship because she was treated right,  her boyfriend is nice too and faithful but what bothers her is the thought if her boyfriend is a hard nut.

The story goes like this, the sender says she is a  tourist in a Western country where she met her boyfriend, they dated three times a week. She had told her boyfriend of wanting a Samsung S3 but to her disappointment her boyfriend wrapped T-mobile prism for her on Christmas day.  And when her boyfriend received a gift from a relative the boyfriend choose to return them in the store and get a return card in exchange.  After it, the boyfriend shop for some things he likes and buy a clothes for her which is less money than the boyfriend got or shopped.  So the sender is asking if her boyfriend is a hard nut or she is just acting stagy.

Gift for Her

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As expected the sender was bombarded with negative comments  of being ungrateful and demanding.  She was even questioned if she is an accountant because she is pretty  good calculating the gift received of his boyfriend or money spend when shopping.

My say, the sender expects too much that’s why when he received something less than she expected she felt disappointed. She should be thankful  because her boyfriend shared his stash to her, she should remember that it was a gift for him from a relative and not for them, so she has no right to demand for bigger share on that money/cards.  I guess she has also that mentality that dating/marrying a foreigner is a path to gold where she can get and ask anything she want.

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