Why Do Some People Fear Losing Themselves In Relationships?

What is life? In fact life is a combination of relationships. These are the relationships that make the life very happy and alive. Without having relationships in this life we can’t feel the happiness. It is considered that these are very essential for the continuity of life as well as next generations. Those who are spending this life alone can’t compare the life of a happy person. The couples having strong relationships are enjoying each and every moment of this life. Don’t be worried about the losing. This is the part of life game. The main thing you have to see is the importance of a person in your life and business. It is a true fact that no one can live without a beloved one. Either you become a beloved one or make a beloved one, there will be limitations.

Why relationships end?

It is a big question that why the relationships end. There are several possible answers but the best answers are given below.

  •   Lack of interest.
  •   Lack of trust.
  •   Mutual understanding.
  •   Third party sources.

You are needed to take care of these four factors when feeling fear of losing the beloved one. On the other hand, if you are an expert author writing on some social issues related to the relations then you should not ignore the dissertation help service. This service will allow you to gain more information in terms of essays, research papers and books.

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Intimacy as the first important factor

Be careful, the intimacy is the first most important thing or factor having involvement in the fear of losing. You need to stay connected with the beloved ones but in a careful way. Don’t let them go too far if you don’t want to see them with someone else. This fear can make the people puzzling. The victims of this factor usually show various responses and behaviors towards the relationship. There are possibilities to stay neutral in this matter. Staying neutral is the best policy when you have fear of losing yourself in the relationships.

Patterns of activities and routines

There are patters of routines and activities. These patterns are found between the couples. Remember, there will be sets of patterns between you and your beloved one. It is required to make these patterns straightforward. If you will ignore the patterns of relationships then there will be higher chances of relationship breakup. Be careful because it is a matter of your home and family.

Associations and stories

Every person has some associations and stories linked with his life. Most of the people consider these stories and associations a threat for themselves. No doubt, they are right because these can change the mind and thoughts of any person any time. However, if you are facing such conditions then you should try to win the trust of your closers. In this way you can avoid the fear of losing the relationships. Using these practices and considerations allow the people to maintain the happiness in life.

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