What You Can’t Do Without At Your Wedding!

It’s easy to let wedding fever run away with you and your pocket book. With more and more glamorous luxe wedding being shown on TV and in magazines it easy to think that we need all of the things they have, to have a good wedding. Well, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes a simple wedding is the best. But however big or small your budget is there are some things that you just cannot do without.

Wedding dress

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The first thing you can’t do without is a dress or outfit to get married in. You don’t have to wear a traditional dress; a nice pant suit is a good look if you’re not really a meringue sort of girl. It doesn’t have to be an official wedding dress either. They can cost a fortune, and some women are just more comfortable in a cute dress from a department store. It’s your wedding and your day, so you make sure you wear what you want and don’t listen to anyone that tells you otherwise.

Wedding Car

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It’s important to have some transport to and from the service and the reception in place before the big day. Use a company like Get Chauffeured, limo hire services if you are wearing a proper wedding dress. What many brides don’t realize is that as a lot of cars are not big enough to fit the bottom part of the dress in without creasing it. Of course, it’s also really nice to arrive in style on your wedding day.

Official place

The next thing you cannot do without is an official place in which to get married. In some countries, you need to be in specially sanctioned place to tie the knot according to the law. Make sure you know the rules and regulations around this if you are planning a home garden wedding before you start the rest of the proceedings.


You are also going to need an official to conduct the service. Although if you get married in a church or at city hall, this will all be taken care of for you.

However if you don’t want that sort of wedding, you will need someone that is qualified to marry you. You can have a friend or family member to do your service, but they will need to get ordained first. See here for how this works.

Suit for the Groom

Another thing you will need is an outfit for the groom. While it is traditional for the groom to wear top hat and tails, you can really go with whatever you want. I’ve seen successful weddings with flack jackets and bow ties, just make sure the bride gives it her seal of approval before you buy.


Lastly, photos are something that you don’t want to do without on your wedding day. However camera shy you are you were going to want to have a record of your special day to look back on. Get your photographer to a few shots of the ceremony itself and then some of you together as a couple. You can get some cool advice on cute poses here.

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