What is a Wedding without the Wedding Party?

That special day is all about the bride and groom and their undeniable love for each other, right? Well, not exactly. For those who decide to have a quiet wedding, or elope to somewhere warm and stunning with no-one but a couple of random people for their witnesses, maybe. But for those of us who want to spend the day with everyone we love there is a lot more involved. Forget the location, size of the cake and wedding band; a true wedding day relies heavily on the wedding party. If any of the party drops out it can completely devastate the blushing bride and groom, especially after months of planning. Lose a bridesmaid, a best man or an usher and everything can seem a little hopeless.

So let’s take a little moment to appreciate these all-important people. Okay, so they aren’t part of the relationship as such, but they are part of the wedding party for a reason. Whether they are family, best friends or childhood buddies these are the people that you call up after an argument with you fiancé, the people you go to when you need some time to yourself. These are the people who support you both, allowing your relationship to bloom. Now, they know you love them and they aren’t going to run out on your wedding if you give them a rubbish wedding favour, but a little appreciation for all that they do certainly wouldn’t go amiss.


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The wedding favours are only a small part of the planning and might seem unimportant in comparison to the hair and makeup artist or finding the right DJ, but they will mean an awful lot to the recipients and will certainly be kept for years to come. Quality is, of course, very important but this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune. Simply take the time to consider what is an appropriate way to thank them for their part in the wedding and in your lives. Luckily for those with large weddings the bride and groom only really have to give favours to the actual wedding party and not all of the guests. These favours could consist of jewellery or engraved cufflinks with personalized wedding favours generally becoming more and more popular. The choices are endless and it all depends on the relationship that you have with them, but if you put a little time and thought into the decision it will be evident in the gift. After-all, it is worthwhile making the effort as these could be the people to help you keep your sanity after 50 years of marriage.

Lizzie is a regular attendee of numerous weddings throughout the year and uses her spare time to share her findings on behalf of Personalised Pressies.

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