Wedding Tasks Your Maid Of Honor Can Help You With

Choosing a maid of honor is so important when you start your wedding planning. Make a list of the friends you want as bridesmaids, and then you can decide which one you want to make your maid of honor. Here are some tasks your maid of honor can help you with.

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Sorting out your bachelorette

The maid of honor is typically put in charge of sorting out the hen do for the bride-to-be. Therefore, ask them to arrange it for you, so it’s one less thing to worry about. They may have ideas, but they might need some extra help on organizing the bachelorette. Make sure you give them a list of who to invite. Tell them to liaise with your other bridesmaids if they need some extra help. If they don’t want to arrange it all, or you want to sort out your hen do, you could just ask them to sort out some of the activities for you.

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Choosing your wedding rings

Choosing your wedding rings can be a nightmare if you are not sure of what style to go for, and your other half is too busy to go with you. Ask your maid of honor to come along so that you can get a second opinion on the rings you like. You can look online to discover brands and find out more about them such as on James Allen reviews. Go to a few shops and try on different choices till you find the right ring for you. Your maid of honor will be able to advise you on what looks best with your engagement ring.

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Creating favors

Unless you have plenty of time spare before your big day, you may need help creating the favors for your wedding. You firstly need to decide what favors that you are going to give your guests. A lot of favors people are giving to their guests are handmade because it cuts down the costs. Once you have decided what you want to make, you can ask your maid of honor over and spend time making the favors together. You can get many ideas online of favors that you can create.

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Choosing the bridesmaid dresses

As part of being a bridesmaid and maid of honor, they have to wear a special dress for your wedding day. It can be hard to pick a bridesmaid dress that will fit all shapes and sizes, so why don’t you take your maid of honor along with you. They can help advise you on what they think will look best. They can try on the dress, and you can then see what it looks like on them. Once you and the maid of honor have a shortlist of dresses, you can then send pictures to the other bridesmaids, and they can choose the one they all like.

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Remember your maid of honor is there to help ensure your wedding goes smoothly as possible. After all, you will be helping them one day when it’s their turn to get hitched!

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