Wedding Rules: How To Plan Your Big Day the Right Way

Every young woman looks forward to planning her big wedding day. In some cases, the planning begins even before the woman has met her future husband to be. Once a woman does find the right man to be her husband, the planning of the big day can actually begin.

Although a wedding is meant to be a very joyous celebration of the union of two people, it can also be a source of a lot of stress.

In order to plan your big day properly, there are many useful lessons that can be learned from studying the marriage of Kate Middleton to Prince William of England.

1. Make It Your Own Special Day

Kate and William could have had their marriage celebrations ruined because too many outsiders wanted to control the way the big day unfolded. At one point, Prince William complained to the Queen that the couple was being pressured to invite many official dignitaries they did not even know. As a result, they had no room to invite their own friends. The Queen graciously told Prince William to rip up the invitation list and start all over. This time the couple was to focus on inviting the people that were important to them personally.

2. Keep it Real

Don`t make any big changes to your personal style for this one event. This is not the time to try out a brand new look. When Kate Middleton was getting prepared for her big day, she insisted that she would not make any major changes to her hair or makeup. She said, “I want my husband to be able to recognize me”.

3. Make Some Compromises If Necessary

Although Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William would probably have been very happy to get married in a small private ceremony, they recognized that they also had to keep the people of England happy by having a public ceremony with lots of pomp. However, they cut way back on their expenses because England was experiencing a recession at the time and they did not want to offend anyone by wasting money needlessly.

4. Let Your Friends and Relatives Have Their Moment

One of the things that many people admired most when they watched the marriage ceremony of Kate Middleton to Prince William is the way she allowed her sister Pippa to have a moment of glory. Kate did not need to have all eyes on herself but allowed family members and friends such as her new brother-in-law Prince Harry to play a prominent role in the ceremony and the celebrations that followed.

Although your own ceremony and celebrations are not going to be as lavish or complicated as the marriage of Kate Middleton to her own Prince Charming, you can gain valuable lessons by ensuring that the ceremony suits your personality and desires. Compromise when necessary but make certain that your own values are respected and honored.

This day will set the tone for the rest of your life so you need to learn the right balance of pleasing those around you and being certain that your own wishes are respected.

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