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Internet or Cyber dating is rampant now days just search internet dating on the web and the search engine will give you a lot of sites to join. I guess there’s nothing wrong to try virtual dating because it says” Virtual Dates cause individuals to develop greater affinity toward one another when they actually meet.”

My husband and I also met through cyber dating; we exchange messages then emails, text and then vows. With my luck in dating sites my sister also asking me to find someone for her so recently I have stumble to Smingle a virtual dating site where singles mingle to know each other very well. I’ve registered an account to her name and try the platform and I was given three (3) months FREE when I uploaded a picture to her profile. Smingle is not just a virtual dating site alone what I like on this site is you can share what is in your mind on their forum; you can also ask good advice from other members. And if you want someone to talk too, they have a chat room for you to mingle with other singles. You can also add friends like a normal social networking works, and if you want some tips on dating or to impress someone they have articles for you to read. The site has also collections of videos and photos from other members. You don’t need to worry if you are planning to register because Smingle is easy to manipulate and understand even if you are not an internet savvy. Once you created an account and validated your registration you will be given a checklist how to start finding a date which is uncommon to other dating sites I have join before, if you want to create an impression and get attention from other members you must upload a fabulous photo of yourself and not your pet, complete your personal and extended profile. You can also create a virtual dating avatar in 3D, personalized it as how you look like and if you want to check who is online just go to Members area. Always remember to stay online so you can meet the man/woman of your dreams. So if you are single and still looking for the man/woman that will complete the space between your fingers check out and start smingling now.

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