Top 7 Signs that You Have Found the One

When dating, everyone is searching for the perfect partner. While everyone has their own specific traits that they desire in a romantic partner, it can still be challenging to know when a person has found the one. There should always be a romantic spark; however, there are several other factors that must be met before two people are certain that they have fallen into long-lasting love. For this reason, the following seven signs are described to help you determine if you may have finally found the love of your life.

1. They are physically attractive.

People are always told that it is what lies below the surface that counts in a partner. However, physical attraction is still an important part of dating. In fact, most men and women rate this factor as one of the most important for determining long-term potential. Therefore, finding your partner physically attractive is the first step toward learning more about your chances for pursuing more.

2. You have stopped dating other people.

Generally, a person will go on several dates with a person before they stop seeing other people. If you have been seeing the same person for a period of several weeks, then they may be worth checking out further. Additionally, you may suddenly notice that you are turning down other dates. This is a sure sign that you have stumbled upon the one.

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3. They share your priorities.

Career goals, children, religion and morals are just a few of the topics that may come up in conversation between two people who are dating. While each person’s views may differ slightly, it is important to share priorities if two people are going to work out well. Therefore, you will want to compare opinions on a wide range of topics. If you two agree, then you may have found your match.

4. Your friends and family like them.

When a person finds someone that they are attracted to, they cannot wait to introduce them to their friends and family. Typically, your friends and family members will know you better than anyone else. Therefore, take their opinion in consideration and know that their approval could be a sign that your date has serious potential.

5. You cannot wait to see them again.

Do you look forward to your next date as soon as you get home? Are you already making plans before you part ways? If so, then you can definitely consider yourself in a potentially serious relationship. Both men and women describe their perfect partner as someone who makes them hurry home after work and other events so that they can return to their mate’s loving arms.

6. They make you happy.

When two people find love, they dream of making each other happy. Sometimes, it is the simple gestures that count such as sharing a cup of coffee or picking up dinner after work. Other times, it may be a silly message or a quick phone call. Regardless of the gesture, it should leave you feeling better than before. When a partner takes the time to lift your spirits, you can be certain that they return your affections.

7. You have made it through a rough spot.

Every relationship will have its challenges. Maybe one of you has been sick or you two have had a small disagreement. These little challenges can be used to gauge how you two work out your differences. If you worked well together through a rough patch in your relationship, then you can begin to see how you can work together in the future.

If you have read these seven signs and discovered that you may have found the right one, then continue building your relationship. It is also common to recognize a few of these signs while still working on the rest of them. Regardless of where you are in your relationship, it is important to make sure that you are both happy and devoted to building a healthy relationship. Knowing these signs can help you to recognize your potential perfect partner so that you can build to a better future together.

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