Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas That Are ‘Off-The-Registry’

Your wedding invitation has arrived in the post, and you’re all set for the big day. You have your outfit planned, and an appointment with the hairdresser. All you need to worry about is the wedding gift. If you’re struggling with what to buy, read our tips on planning the perfect gift.

  1. It Doesn’t Have To Be Wedding Themed

Remember, your gift isn’t required to have a wedding or love theme. You’re looking for something thoughtful for the bride and groom. Instead, consider unique gifts for all occasions. The important word here is ‘unique’. Find something that has significance to the couple.

  1. History

How much to do you know about the bride and groom? You have been invited to share their wedding day, but is this as a distant friend or relation? If you know the couple well, what do you know about their history? For example, where did they meet? Do they have a favorite holiday destination? If so, you could buy a gift relating to this. For example, a framed photo, a piece of artwork, or a custom map.

  1. Hobbies

Does the couple have any shared hobbies? Do they like the same activities or sports? Or do they prefer long walks in the country? If they have a shared hobby or interest, look for ideas around this theme. Try to think out of the box. For example, if they enjoy wine, consider something unusual like a share in a vineyard.

  1. Customize

Customized gifts are always well-received because of their personal nature. There are lots of gifts you could buy around this theme. Find a local artist who could paint a portrait based on a photograph. Caricatures are another option. Or, opt for a sculpture of their pet.

  1. Experience Gift

If the couple has a lot of ‘stuff’ and you’re struggling for something unique, forget physical gifts. There are no rules about buying something that the couple can keep for the rest of their lives. Buy them an experience instead. Find something that will appeal to both of them. This could be driving a race car or a trip in a hot air balloon. If they’re not particularly sporty or adventurous, opt for a train journey to an interesting location. Though an experience gift has a short shelf life, the memories will last them a lifetime.

  1. Make Something Yourself

Do you have arts or craft skills? If so, consider making something yourself. The possibilities are endless. If you’re a photographer, you could gift them a photo shoot. Artists can paint or draw portraits. If your talent is woodwork, make them a table or bench. The item will be unique to them and something they can treasure.

  1. The Gift Of Learning

Buy the couple a short course that they can take together. Find something that is relevant to them. If they enjoy cooking or baking, look for classes on bread making, etc. If they have a favorite holiday destination, book them a class to learn the language. They can spend time together and have lots of fun while learning new skills.

The best gifts are the ones that take a little thought. They’re the ones that tell the recipient you get them and you pay attention.

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