Things You Should Know Before Planning A Lesbian Wedding

If you and your partner are of the same sex and you’ve decided to get married, a congratulations is in order. Same sex marriage has only recently been made legal in all 50 states, and other areas of the world. Some places still don’t allow it, but it’s high time everybody started standing up for marriage equality! While there isn’t much difference with a lesbian wedding to a regular wedding, there are some things you should know before you start planning yours. Take a look to find out what they are…

Not All Venues and Vendors Are Friendly

You need to be aware that not all venues and vendors are friendly. Although everybody should be all for marriage equality by now, many aren’t. This is their loss! You shouldn’t get upset by it. Simply move on to another venue or vendor that is worth your time. It’s definitely worth stating that you’re having a lesbian wedding right from the get-go, so you can avoid any awkward discussions or getting ditched by the vendor out of the blue. Although it should make no difference whether it’s a lesbian wedding or not, stating it first will save you lots of problems.

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You’ll Probably Have To Deal With Family Rubbish

Families do like to get involved with weddings, and this will likely be the case for yours. If you have traditional people in your family, it’s likely they’ll have lots of opinions and things to say about your lesbian wedding. Try not to let this bother you. If you feel a family member doesn’t deserve to attend because they can’t be happy for you, don’t invite them. This is your big day and you should only invite the people who mean the most to you. Everybody should be willing to celebrate with you!

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You Can Afford To Get A Bit More Creative

As it’s a lesbian wedding, you can afford to get a bit more creative. There are all kinds of guides and inspiration sites online that can help you. You can get creative when it comes to what to wear, your decor, and even your rings. Lesbian wedding rings are unique but still classy.

Hiring A Planner Will Make It Easier On You

A wedding planner can make anybody’s lives easier. As your wedding is already going to be so unique and different to what others have been to, you’re going to want to make it even more special. A wedding planner who has experience in this area could be just what you need. It’ll cost a bit, but you’ll have an amazing day.

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You Don’t Have To Stick To Any Kind Of Tradition

Don’t feel pressured to stick to any kind of tradition. If you both want to wear suits or even dress down, then do that. What does your dream wedding look like? Write it down and go with that. If it includes tradition, great. If not, don’t worry!

Have fun planning your big day, and don’t let anybody bring you down. Leave your own tips below!

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