The First Things You Should Consider When Planning a Wedding

When planning a wedding, there are a lot of things to consider. Some things don’t take as long to plan whereas others can take a long time. It can be hard to know what you should plan and when. So here is a little advice to guide you through the process and tell you what you need to start planning first.

Choose a Date

This is what everyone will be asking you to start with! It might be hard to choose an exact date to start with, though. Some timings will depend on other factors like venue availability. So it is good to think about a time range that you are going for. It will all depend on other commitments, work and family and kids perhaps. It will also determine how long you want to be engaged, so they are all important things to consider. Having one or two months in mind is so useful going forward.


Set a Budget

Setting a budget is of paramount importance. Not much else can be planned until you know what you have to work with. You and your fiance should get together with family to determine what is available and who is contributing. It might feel a little awkward to talk about but it needs to be done. All other decisions depend on it.

Choose a Location / Venue

You may have a dream location in mind or have your heart set on getting married in the same church your parents did. Wherever it is, now is the time to start making enquiries. With your time range in mind, you can approach and see availability and then find out costs. Then when you have narrowed down a certain date, everything else can be planned for.

Choose the Style of Wedding

Before you can plan the decorations, flowers or outfits, you need to know what theme of wedding you want to go for. There is so much inspiration online so have a browse and see what you like. Would you prefer a modern style wedding, vintage or retro? How about a classic wedding or a shabby chic style? Once this decision has been made you can get on with choosing a dress and all those fun things!

Save the Date / Invitations

When you have the date in mind, it might be worth sending out save the date cards. This is only needed if it will be a year or more in the future. If the wedding is within a year, then you could just go for invites. Think about the style of invites that you want, but they should be in keeping with your theme. You can get them personalised and printed online which may save you a lot of stress, rather than making them yourself. Look at somewhere like Pure Invitation, wedding invitations and browse the styles.

I hope this guide is useful to you as you start the process of planning a wedding. It is good to know what you should do and when. Good luck and congratulations!

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