Best-in-Class Washroom Facilities in a Restroom Trailer for Outdoor DIY Weddings

When you’re having a real Texas shindig where your outside tents are full of well-dressed men and women there to enjoy the wedding of a dear friend or relative, the washroom facilities get a little tricky. Thankfully, there’s now an answer: the restroom trailer.

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It’s a luxuriously appointed, practical trailer that hitches to the back of a truck like a Ford F-150 and can be towed to where it’s needed. There are many types of restroom trailers available, from the selfie model, to the commercial one, to the luxury model complete with overhead AC, wooded trim finishes and other little touches that will surely be appreciated.

Let’s look at a few situations where a restroom trailer is a good option for a wedding.

Washroom Facilities for an Outdoors Wedding Venue

Hiring an outdoor venue for a big wedding with many marquee tents is a great way to manage a larger wedding group without struggling to find a venue large enough. The only challenge with hiring a tent is the washroom facilities. A restroom trailer is a great solution to the problem.

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A restroom on wheels – available in various sizes to choose, either one large trailer or two smaller ones positioned on either side of the venue – is a flexible solution. Luxury models often come with burlap-covered walls, attractive vessel sinks and carefully crafted stalls that don’t feel cramped at all. From the patterned floor to the fiberglass overhead, the stylish little touches are everywhere, so guests will certainly give props for the washroom facilities.

Commercial Washroom

The commercial washroom trailer comes with a basic layout, so it can be dressed up however you need it. For low-key weddings where a few pleasant touches will certainly be appreciated, yet pure functionality is what you’re going for, then a modern commercial washroom is good solution. When there’s a color scheme to the wedding or party, this can be incorporated inside the washroom too. There are also different trailer sizes depending on how large you feel the facilities will be required.

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Entertainment Venue After the Wedding

A selfie station is designed to provide a bright washroom to supplement or be used instead of the existing facilities at a wedding party venue. Either their washrooms are obviously too small or they’re just inadequate to the task, in which case providing a different facility will be desirable to guests.

The selfie washroom trailer includes hot and cold running water, a bright clean interior, a radio entertainment package to keep guests in the dancing mood, solar powered facilities, and AC that automatically turns on when guests enter. With over 100 gallons of fresh water available, there’ll certainly be plenty to wash their hands and get cleaned up before grabbing that selfie to post on Instagram.

There are different types of washroom facilities ingeniously built into trailers that can be towed into position. Clean and carefully appointed with all the facilities required, guests can enjoy the use of the facilities and then go right back to the wedding or party.

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Things To Do When Choosing Your Dream Wedding Venue

We know what it is like; when it comes to your wedding there are more decisions to make than you can ever possibly comprehend. That’s why prioritizing your list is so important. Knowing what matters most on your big day is the only way you will be able to make sense of the endless options you’re staring at, but nothing is more important than your wedding venue.

This is one of the most important decisions you and your husband to be will make. This is because choosing where you will get married is a massive deal; it is what sets the tone of your day and is the superglue that will hold so much of your wedding together, and so much of planning will hang in the balance until you finally decide.

As such, we have come up with a few things to make a note of when it comes to choosing your venue. Enjoy.

Know The Budget

You and your partner need to be open, honest and committed to how much of your total budget you are willing to spend on getting the venue of your dreams. Is it going to be 25% of the budget? Or maybe half? This can be tricky, so make sure you know what you are getting with that money. Think about capacity, location, and how much bang they offer you for your buck.

Number Of Guests

You don’t need to have a fixed number. You don’t need to say, we are having 112 adults and 14 children. That’s because this number will change; it’s part and parcel of the guest list game. However, you should have a rough idea of how many people you want to join in with your celebrations. By knowing this, your vendors will be able to tell you how much they’ll charge, meaning you’ll know how much you have to spend, and what sort of wedding you’ll have; big or small.

Tour With The Photographer

This is often the most stressful and most fun part of the venue hunt, but to lean more toward the fun side of things we recommend is you take your chosen photographer along with you, if you can that is. Your photographs are going to be your reminder of that big day for years, so you’ll want to get this right. If you know you want to have the wedding in Lake Como, and you know you want to use Vittore Buzzi, then take them to the venue and let them help you decide what will look best. This will help this go smoother on the day and let them plan their shots a little more in advance.

Know Your Theme

Knowing what theme you want to run with on your big day will have a big sway over what venue you choose because certain style will complement certain venues more than others. Your wedding venue is going to be a huge party of love story you tell, so decide whether you want it to be inside or outside, formal or casual, country chic or black-tie. Your wedding planner and photographer will be able to help you understand how to best interpret this and bring it to life when it matters.

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Find Your Perfect Paradise For A Stunning Wedding

The proposal finally arrived and you have been busy showing off the most incredible finger candy.  It’s real.  You are going to marry the person of your dreams and they are as in love as you are!

Different people have varying ideas on the ideal wedding.  For some, nipping off to Las Vegas or Gretna Green to make their vows away from any family politics, is an absolute dream.  Then heading home to spend all the wedding budget on the ultimate party.  For others you may be bound by a military wedding, although uber glamourous there are so many etiquettes to adhere too.  Perhaps you imagine yourself on the beach of a desert island with just a couple of your nearest and dearest.

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Firstly you both need to establish what your vision is.  If one of you doesn’t have a strong view then it could be easier.  You will need to take into consideration family, some members won’t be able to take long journeys or travel on a plane, which could mean missing out on your special day.  However with new technology there are loads of ways to live stream a wedding abroad, back to the ones who couldn’t make it.

If you decide on a wedding in a different country, make sure you understand any laws around the ceremony.  Some countries will grant you a licence but your wedding has no legality back in the UK or USA, so get a real understanding of what you need to do, to ensure your vows are legal! Or you could get a bit of a shock in a few years.  It’s also important to get to know the city or surrounding areas so you understand what is available for your guests.  

It will save you money if you are using wedding photographers who are in the country already, in fact you will get far more local knowledge meaning some really special images which will make the most out of the surrounding scenery and light balance.  You also need to get to know your caterers so it is ideal, depending on the kind of wedding you are looking for, to travel well ahead of your event, sit down and talk in person to anyone supplying a service to your wedding.

The most important piece of advice you can take is to remember that this day is about you and your beloved.  Of course family matter and friends will all really want to support you, witnessing you make your vows, but today is a day you are going to remember for the rest of your lives.  Don’t make it about others, impressing your guests or keeping a difficult aunty entertained.  Once all the planning is over it should just be two people, sharing their love and having fun.  So forget the crazy table plans, ditch the last minute problems and take control of your ceremony!

Then, the only thing you have to worry about is the weather.  We are afraid there isn’t much you can do about that, just make sure you are prepared for anything, which is a wonderful rule to run through married life!

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Who Is Responsible For Decorating Your Reception Venue?

When a couple starts to visit the various venues available for the forthcoming wedding reception, the last thing on their mind is blowing up balloons. When you arrange an appointment to see what a venue has to offer, it is usually dressed ready for a typical wedding. It looks beautiful, and all the chairs and tables are laid out. But if you want it to look like this on your wedding day, you need to make sure that it is included in your package price.

More and more couples find they are caught out by this. In an attempt to save money, picking the budget package could actually cost you more time. Many venues expect the happy couple to bring their own planner or decorating team to the venue. But you’ll only have a couple of hours to access it before your event begins. This means you and your groom are unlikely to have the time to do it yourself. So who does?

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If you’re not paying the owner of the venue to include all the table decorations, then you need to find friends and family to help you out. You’ll also need to coordinate with the florist regarding the delivery of all the flowers. Do a search for a florist near me, but be sure you pick one that can make more than one delivery for your order. You’ll need the centerpieces and sprays delivered to the venue at the right time. But you’ll need your bouquet and the buttonholes delivered to you on the same morning.

When it comes time to set up the venue, you may decide you want attractive chair covers. Again, these are often delivered, but not installed. You will need to find someone willing to do this on the day. If you’ve ordered a sit-down meal for your wedding reception, table linen will be provided. Of course, all those tables may need moving for the First Dance. Make sure your venue is undertaking this on your behalf.

You may also expect the lighting to be dimmed and even some disco lights for your first dance. A DJ package is often an additional cost for your venue. If you are hiring someone in, make sure they have enough access to set up before you and your guests arrive. They may even bring a dance floor, so consider your preferred layout of the room ahead of time. Some venues can take on all of this planning and event management for you if you’re willing to pay extra.

Your beautiful day will be a whirlwind of excitement. You may not even have time to notice how wonderful everything looks. The toasts, the meal, the drinks and the dancing will keep everyone in good spirits no matter who had to put the decorations together! Of course, the space you hire will have to be returned to its original condition. Traditionally, the bride and groom leave the party first, so you’ll need someone to clean up on your behalf. Sometimes it’s worth paying that little bit extra for the venue to cover all the decorations!

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Choosing A Wedding Venue: Your Ultimate Guide

The biggest day of your life could also be the biggest disappointment of your life, if you don’t act smartly.

Planning a wedding is made up of a ton of different decisions, but here, we’re going to focus solely on venue. It’s the space where the magic will happen, but if you don’t select the right building, your occasion could slip away into mediocrity.

So, don’t let it! Below, you’ll find plenty of short, digestible tips that you may not have considered. Just remember that, ultimately, the choice is yours. Letting people sway you one way or another is just as bad as choosing a poor venue yourself.

Consider an off-season wedding

The cost of a venue in mid-March will be a lot lower than the end of July. Certain times of year are busier than others, and that means prices are higher. If possible, choose a less popular slot so you can keep costs down.

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Visit the venue beforehand

Pictures are fine, but you never really know what you have until you take a look in person. Perhaps the room is colder than you’d like, or it looked bigger in the pictures. Either way, have a thorough inspection before slapping down the cash.

Try the food beforehand

Whichever wedding catering provider you opt for, make it a priority to test the food before the big day. Some companies will even come to your house for this. It’s important to ensure the food is to your liking; after all, this is your special day.

Factor in extra fees

Some venues charge you to keep the bar open past 11pm, while others charge for music past midnight. Make sure you ask all the right questions when you’re viewing, especially in regards to hidden costs.

Choose a venue with plenty of transport links

A barn in the middle of nowhere may provide a ton of stylistic appeal, but how much will a taxi cost for your guests? Are there any buses? It’s safe to assume that alcohol will be involved in your wedding, so make sure people can get about without driving themselves.

Negotiate cost deductions

If the venue offers a photo booth in the price and you don’t want one, ask if you can deduct it from your bill. Enquire about any deductible chunks of the package that you may not want or need.

Pick a memorable location

Perhaps it was the place where you first met, or it’s the place where you were proposed to. Maybe it’s the place you spent your first holiday together, or where your grandparents were wed. Choosing a sentimental place makes the wedding feel more personal, and about you!

Try and get sole use of the venue

Otherwise, there’ll be two or three parties going on at once, in different parts of the building. Besides being confusing for the guests, this creates more noise than you’d like.

Don’t book the first venue you see

It may seem great, but there could be an even better one around the corner. Instead, take plenty of pictures and notes from your favourite places, so you can make some comparisons.

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The Role And Responsibilities Of The Best Man

We bet you stumbled onto our friendly little section of the web because you’re eager to learn more about weddings. That might be because you’re planning on getting married yourself. Or, it could be because you’ve been named as a key person in a wedding that you’re attending. Best man, perhaps. So, now you want to learn about all the roles and responsibilities of the best man. Well, you’ve come to right place. We’ll make sure that you are the perfect right-hand man for the groom. Here are some of your biggest responsibilities.

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Finding And Choosing The Right Rings

Don’t be surprised if you’re dragged ring shopping long before the actual wedding. Yes, if you’re chosen as best man early enough, you may well be brought into the decision of buying an engagement ring. Remember, the engagement ring is the first important choice of the wedding. It’s what determines whether or not there’s even a wedding for you to be a best man at. When picking the ring, make sure the future groom looks at unique engagement rings. Anything that stands out in the right way is worth considering.

Of course, your role isn’t over with the rings once he pops the question. It’s likely that it will be your job to keep the wedding bands safe and sound. You have to make sure that you don’t lose them before the event. This has been turned into a comical event in many Hollywood films. Trust us though, if you lose the rings, no one will be laughing.

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The Bachelor Party

One of the best parts of being a best man is that you get to plan the bachelor party. You get to decide what you do, when to have it and how to get the groom there. It’s up to you to make it a surprise, have a quiet evening or throw a wild party. Already, we bet you’ve got some ideas about what you could arrange. But be careful because you don’t want to put the groom in any awkward positions. For instance, he might have told you that he and his partner agreed no strippers before the wedding. You shouldn’t arrange one anyway.

The Best Man Speech

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The least fun part of being the best man? That’s got to be writing the best man speech. Best men always have difficulty getting the speech right. It’s got to be funny but not embarrassing. It should remember the past but not forget to look towards the future. Most importantly of all, it should be heartfelt. If you’re struggling to right, the speech think about what makes them a good couple. That should set you off on the right track.

Cold Feet

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Finally, cold feet aren’t uncommon for the groom up to the day of the wedding. It will be your job to make sure that the nerves are calmed. That’s all they are, just last minute panics. You shouldn’t take it as a sign that they should not get married. Unless, serious mistakes have been made.

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Who Does What At A Wedding?

There are so many different traditions for a wedding. Some have roots in old religious ceremonies for the union of two families. Others have stemmed from generations of superstitions. At the end of the day, this wedding is your wedding. Only you and your spouse-to-be have any say in how the ceremony is performed or the structure of your most beautiful day.

Of course, it can be fun to delve into some of the more familiar traditions that are still commonplace today. Involving your family and friends in the happy event is one of the best bits of getting married. And it seems that everyone important in your life has a role to play in the traditional wedding. Let’s start with the Bride’s people.

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Your Father could be the perfect choice for companion as you walk down the aisle at your wedding ceremony. If you’re wearing a veil, he may even be the one to reveal you to your partner. Your sister, or best girlfriend may already have made the mighty journey to the front of your venue. As the Maid of Honor, she may just be the perfect person to take care of all those last minute preparations. She’s the one who will make sure you never find out about any hiccups on your big day. Perhaps some young cousins took on the role of flower girls to drop petals in front of your feet as you walked.

Your friends may be dressed in matching outfits for the one and only time in their lives as your bridesmaids. They may also have acted as Ushers for your side of the venue. Your Mom will be the second most beautiful woman in the room. She’s wearing an elegant dress and hat and is already seated at the front of the room. Her job has been one of the busiest, helping you organize the flowers, the venues, the catering and so on.

For your husband-to-be, his best friend is more than just a Best Man at the wedding. He’ll be delivering the first speech at the reception. He’ll tell the room that his mate couldn’t have picked a more beautiful girl. And he’ll be the one that has kept your fella upright and in good shape for the whole morning! He may also be responsible for taking care of your wedding bands. And when you’re talking about expensive gold or titanium wedding rings, you know he has to be someone your hubby really trusts.

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The Mother of the Groom will be the one who has made sure every guy in the place looks impeccable. She’ll have attached their buttonholes and made sure their ties were straight. And the Father of the Groom may have been welcoming guests into the venue all morning. Brothers and cousins of the Groom may also have acted as Page Boys or Ushers.

That leaves the Officiant or Celebrant. They are the ones who will ensure you are legally joined in marriage. The Celebrant guides you through the ceremony and helps you publicly declare your love for each other. Congratulations!

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Easy Ways To Step Up The Glamour Of Your Big Day

Your wedding day will be one of the biggest celebrations you ever throw, so it needs to be spot on. It’s not just about picking the perfect venue and the right dress; it’s all about the small things. The key to having a wedding that’s enjoyed by everyone and remembered for all the right reasons is adding touches of glamour.

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It’s amazing how a few simple touches can make such a difference to the look and feel of your big day. The good news is that upping the glamor of your wedding isn’t hard, at least, it doesn’t have to be. It’s just a case of knowing what will make a difference and give your wedding that extra element of sophistication that it needs.

How do you add glamour to your big day? Here’s a list of ideas.

Offer glamorous transport for guests

Start your day off well with complimentary transport for guests. If the Church is not within walking distance of your reception, then offering your guests transport is a great way to make them feel special. Plus, it’s little touches like this that add an extra sense of glamor to the day.

Take the time to research what’s on offer in the area, and find transport that matches your wedding theme, if you have one. There are plenty of group transportation services to choose from. From buses and trains to stretched limos, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a suitable service. Look for a company that allows you to decorate their vehicles to add a little extra glamor to them.

Pick perfect table decorations

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The tables are one of the main features at your reception, so the decorations need to be perfect. An excellent way to add glamor to your reception is by finding ways to give each table an elegant look. This is much easier than you would think, it’s just a case of being smart about what you decorate with.

Cheap, plastic items are a big no-no. Crystal items, pretty place mats, and lace are all ideal, as are candles, flowers, and a few sprinkles of rose petals. High-quality linen tablecloths are also a great idea, as these give the tables a fancier look.

Get the lighting spot on

Lighting has a big impact on the look and feel of a space. Bright overhead lighting instantly takes away the feeling of sophistication and elegance, so this is a big no-no. Instead, it’s best to opt for lighting that gives the space a soft glow. This makes it feel warmer and more intimate, as well as helping to add elegance.

For this, chandelier-style lighting is perfect. As are candles dotted around, both tea lights and larger candles. Fairy lights can also be a great touch to add, as long as they’re a minimalistic design. Getting your lighting right doesn’t have to be hard, it may just be a case of finding out from your venue what you can and can’t do.

Serve sophisticated drinks

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Last but not least, serve a selection of sophisticated drinks. How glamorous a celebration is, doesn’t just rely on the decor and setting, but also on what is served at it. A reception that has vintage-style cocktails and glasses of champagne being served will instantly have an elegant vibe to it. There’s plenty of inspiration online for elegant drinks, so have a browse and see what you find. You could also ask your barman to recommend some to try, to ensure that you have a good selection on offer.

There you have it, all the best ways to add glamor to your big day. Happy planning!

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What Should the Ideal Wedding Reception Have?

For many people, their wedding day is all about having fun with friends and family members. Sure, the ceremony is important, but the reception is where the fun really happen. So, what should the ideal wedding reception have? Read on to find out.

An Organized Schedule

There is nothing worse for wedding reception guests than a disorganized schedule. People hate being left waiting around with nothing to do for too long. You should prepare a timeline for the day, meaning that the whole day should be planned out in advance. It will help to keep everyone happy and stop them from losing interest in the event. So, open the doors to the reception early and get the party started without hesitation.

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Something Spectacular

If you really want your wedding reception to stand out and be remembered for years to come, you need to do something spectacular. This could mean many things. You could, for example, stage a big dance event for your first dance. This is something many couples choose to do. Alternatively, you could stage a firework display outside when the evening is drawing to a close. A company like Allspark Fireworks could help you with this.

The Right Music

It’s not really a wedding reception without the right music. This is something that the happy couple will prepare a long time in advance. They will decide what the first song they dance to will be, and they will probably prepare a whole playlist. On the other hand, they might prefer to hire a DJ and leave most of the decisions up to them. Another option is to hire a live band that the couple both already know and like.

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Party Games

Many wedding receptions don’t have games going on, so they’re not absolutely vital. But they can offer a little added fun and activity to the reception. It might even be enough to make your reception one of the most memorable that the guests have ever attended. The games should be kept simple and fun for everyone. It’s not about competing so much as having fun and creating the right atmosphere.

Good Lighting

Speaking of atmosphere, lighting is vital is vital to creating the right atmosphere at your wedding reception. You can’t create a fun and positive atmosphere without giving some thought to how you are going to light the room where the reception takes place. If you want to focus on partying and dancing, the lighting should be dim with some added touches, such as a disco ball or strobe lights.

[Photo courtesy of condesign/]

Alternative Food and Drink Ideas

Food and drinks are always provided at a wedding reception. That doesn’t mean that the food and drink is always that great at wedding receptions though. You should do something a little out of the ordinary when you are making food and drink arrangements. For example, you could run a mini wine tasting stand at the reception. Or you could hold the event outdoors and hire a food truck for the day.

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Give Your Wedding Guests An Evening Party They’ll Never Forget

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about the guests! The evening party is usually the point in the day when people can let their hair down after a day of formalities. Guests can really let themselves go during the evening and have a great time. So it’s a good idea to put on a party that they will never forget. That way, your wedding will stand out from all of the others that take place throughout wedding season. How do you host a memorable wedding party? Here are some useful tips.

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Ace Your First Dance

The beginning of the party kicks off with the bride and groom’s first dance. Don’t just be boring and choose a soppy love song. Why not shake things up a bit with something a bit more upbeat? At the end of the day, though, do something that suits your personalities. If you are very much into your love songs, then waltz to one of your favorites. However, if you’d rather have a boogie to some pop, pick a tune from that genre. To make it an unforgettable dance, you could even choreograph it. Your guests will love it if it is unique and entertaining! Ask some to video it so you can look back at it in years to come.

food, couple, love

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Put On A Brilliant Buffet

You will have already eaten during the day at your wedding reception. However, some of your guests will only be attending the evening celebrations. So they could turn up pretty hungry! Put on some food for all your guests. You may even feel slightly peckish yourself! But it doesn’t have to be a standard buffet of vol-au-vents, quiche, and open sandwiches. Mix it up a bit! Your guests won’t forget a quirky buffet. When you are in the process of planning your big day, speak to different Function Venues to see what they can offer you when it comes to catering. If you prefer, you can always hire a specialist catering company. This is the best option if you want some food options that are totally different to what people might expect!

alcohol, bar, drinks

[Photo courtesy of salooart/]

Evening Entertainment

Your guests will certainly want to be entertained. Think about hiring a professional wedding band who can serenade the crowd. Many people also organize a disco for once the band has finished playing. This will ensure everyone stays up on their feet dancing well into the small hours! If you are thinking out of the box when it comes to your evening entertainment, you could have already considered karaoke. Some party planning companies hire out karaoke machines. You may already have one at home! This will include everyone as part of the entertainment as they’ll all be invited to sing their favorite songs! Another reason to take a video camera with you to your wedding!


The venue might need a bit of sprucing up before you can host your party. Think about using bright accessories to liven the place up. If there will be tables, cover them in colorful tablecloths and flower arrangements. As well as any other decorative items that you think will look great. If your wedding is themed, then the decorations should follow this theme. For a fairy tale wedding, think lots of glitter and sparkle! One fantastic tip is to use lampshades to change the color of any lights in the room. Instead of the usual clear light, you could cover a bulb with a red shade to give the room a soft red glow. You can, of course, do this with whichever colors you prefer!

toast, people, hand

[Photo courtesy of caio/]

Add Some Extra Wow Factor!

For a totally show-stopping party, you need to add some wow-factor. And how do you do that? One of the easiest ways is to get some fireworks! Towards the end of the night, take all your guests outside for a small firework display. It’s the perfect way to make sure your evening ends with a bang – quite literally! And it is also a fantastic photo opportunity. Pass some sparklers around so everyone can create their own sparkly show! It is important to be safe whenever you use fireworks and sparklers. Keep buckets of cold water close so you can dispose of used sparklers quickly and safely. If you light a firework, and it doesn’t go off, do not return to it. It could explode when you are close, so it is best to stay away and give it time.

Now you know all the tricks to a fantastic evening wedding party!

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