Simple Tips To Avoid Unnecessary Wedding Planning Stress

When you start planning your wedding you have all the best intentions. You think about that perfect day that will have friends and family surround you while you take the most important step in your life. It is quite obvious that the wedding needs to be a great moment in life but there are various things that can go wrong. According to specialists that offer wedding planning in the Vancouver area, the stress that is associated with wedding planning is much higher than what couples expect. This is especially the case when a wedding planner is not hired. In order to minimize that stress and get you on the right path, think about the following tips that are very simple to implement.

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Plan Everything That You Can Plan

One of the easiest ways in which you could avoid wedding planning stress is to take the right first step and plan everything that you can plan. The couple has to decide on wedding type, discuss all options and consider whether or not a wedding planner is necessary. The budget has to be set, including the percentages associated with all that is needed like wedding venue and entertainment. The timeline leading to the wedding should be planned for months, not weeks. This helps drastically reduce stress since you can basically tackle any problem as it appears. You have the time to do it.

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Create The Truly Realistic Budget

When creating a wedding budget many couples make the mistake of thinking that they will have more money than they actually will. It is normally a very good idea to lay it on the table and only start planning with the amount that is available at the moment when you start planning. If more money comes in as time passes, additions can be made. When the budget is set too high and the money does not really exist, you will have huge problems. Do not base your price research on what you find online since prices will vary from one location to the next. Actually make the phone calls so you do not end up with something unexpected.

Focus On Your Health

A main reason why the couple has problems planning is that stress makes people eat and sleep less. By simply making sure that the nutrition is proper, that you eat at the right time and that you sleep as much as the body needs you fight stress before it even appears. A large energy expenditure comes with wedding planning so do be sure that you prepare for it and that you never neglect the health. Do not miss doctor appointments as you want to go talk with florists or similar. Go to the doctor. You will not be able to plan anything if you get sick.

Perfection Does Not Exist

Remember that a perfect wedding does not really exist. You will always want more and more. This is just human nature. Do try to do the best that you can and be grateful with what you managed to achieve. At the end of the day, the wedding is about the love that the couple has.

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Who Is Responsible For Decorating Your Reception Venue?

When a couple starts to visit the various venues available for the forthcoming wedding reception, the last thing on their mind is blowing up balloons. When you arrange an appointment to see what a venue has to offer, it is usually dressed ready for a typical wedding. It looks beautiful, and all the chairs and tables are laid out. But if you want it to look like this on your wedding day, you need to make sure that it is included in your package price.

More and more couples find they are caught out by this. In an attempt to save money, picking the budget package could actually cost you more time. Many venues expect the happy couple to bring their own planner or decorating team to the venue. But you’ll only have a couple of hours to access it before your event begins. This means you and your groom are unlikely to have the time to do it yourself. So who does?

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If you’re not paying the owner of the venue to include all the table decorations, then you need to find friends and family to help you out. You’ll also need to coordinate with the florist regarding the delivery of all the flowers. Do a search for a florist near me, but be sure you pick one that can make more than one delivery for your order. You’ll need the centerpieces and sprays delivered to the venue at the right time. But you’ll need your bouquet and the buttonholes delivered to you on the same morning.

When it comes time to set up the venue, you may decide you want attractive chair covers. Again, these are often delivered, but not installed. You will need to find someone willing to do this on the day. If you’ve ordered a sit-down meal for your wedding reception, table linen will be provided. Of course, all those tables may need moving for the First Dance. Make sure your venue is undertaking this on your behalf.

You may also expect the lighting to be dimmed and even some disco lights for your first dance. A DJ package is often an additional cost for your venue. If you are hiring someone in, make sure they have enough access to set up before you and your guests arrive. They may even bring a dance floor, so consider your preferred layout of the room ahead of time. Some venues can take on all of this planning and event management for you if you’re willing to pay extra.

Your beautiful day will be a whirlwind of excitement. You may not even have time to notice how wonderful everything looks. The toasts, the meal, the drinks and the dancing will keep everyone in good spirits no matter who had to put the decorations together! Of course, the space you hire will have to be returned to its original condition. Traditionally, the bride and groom leave the party first, so you’ll need someone to clean up on your behalf. Sometimes it’s worth paying that little bit extra for the venue to cover all the decorations!

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Cute Finishing Touches You Should Add To Your Fall Wedding

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean that wedding season has come to an end just yet. In fact, it’s time to get geared up ready for all the fall weddings that are just around the corner! Are you planning on getting married in the following months? Then you will probably be thinking of ways to help your fall wedding stand out from all the crowd. To help you out, here’s our guide to cute finishing touched you should add to your fall wedding.

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Seasonal Treats

The weather will be getting colder, so it may not be the best idea to serve light summer dishes for your wedding breakfast. Instead, think about incorporating lots of seasonal treats into your menu. If you are getting married in October, you could always offer some food associated with Halloween, such as toffee apples. Planning a November wedding? Then think about theming your menu around Thanksgiving and serve candied yams and roast turkey. In fact, roast dinners are a great addition to any fall wedding menu.

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The evenings will soon be drawing in, which means the chances are that you could have a long night on the day of your wedding. And what better way to enjoy the dark evenings by watching a firework display! Many couples love to set off some fireworks during the evening party of their event. However, you should double check with the venue to ensure that this is safe. In fact, whether you are allowed to let them off or not could be the deciding factor between an outdoor and indoor fall wedding venue.


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Warm Color Tones

When we think of the fall, we often think of red and yellow leaves and warm earth color tones. So you should try and incorporate these into your wedding theme and decor as much as possible. You could use these colors in your table decorations and also in your bouquet. Pick some seasonal flowers that are closely associated with fall for your bouquet. These will be the perfect colors and also help give your wedding a cozy autumnal feel.

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Fall Wedding Stationary

How do you want your invites and place names on the tables to look? Most couples choose to match them. For the ultimate fall look, give them a rustic feel by creating them out of cardboard. Use some twine in the design as well. This rural and rustic look goes hand in hand with a fall design and decor, and will help your wedding to really look the part!


Fall is pumpkin season! So scatter some of these large orange vegetables around your wedding venue to help up the autumnal vibe. You don’t have to carve them – that could make your wedding feel like a child’s Halloween party! Instead, surround them with some pretty flowers for a sophisticated look.

Who needs to get married in the summer when you can have an amazing autumnal ceremony?! Hopefully, this blog post will help you plan the fall wedding of your dreams!

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Is A Wedding Planner Right For You?

There’s so much to consider when it comes to planning your wedding. The venue, transport, and the dress are all big things to think about. Not to mention the smaller touches, such as Invites, flowers, and decorations. The average engagement is estimated to last about sixteen months. So if you and your partner work, you’ll find there’s little time to get everything done yourself. Step in the wedding planner, your second knight in shining armor (after your partner, of course). Though a wedding planner is an entirely optional part of any ceremony, they will take the weight of the wedding world off your shoulders. So if you already have a busy schedule, and you’re worrying about how you’re going to get things done on time, it might be time to start thinking about whether a wedding planner is ideal for you.

Do I need a wedding planner?

If you have a lot of spare time on your hands or are having an especially long engagement, you may well be able to organize your entire wedding yourself. When it comes down to it, nobody needs a wedding planner. But you could also say that nobody needs a princess dress, horse, and carriage or after-wedding party. Your wedding is your special day. So let’s focus on all of your wants and wishes. Not the bare necessities. After all, you deserve a wedding as glamorous as your engagement ring full of princess cut diamonds. The benefits of having a wedding planner lies mainly in the wedding planner’s experience. This may be your first (and hopefully only) wedding, but your planner will have seen it all before. They’ll know what’s a good idea and what’s best avoided. Having an owl fly your wedding bands down the aisle may sound like a good idea in theory. But your planner has probably witnessed an owl flying into the church rafters with a fair few carats of gold in claw. Perhaps you’re getting carried away and attempting to throw a 10,000 guest extravaganza on a £10,000 budget. A planner will put their foot down as you start trying to fork out a third of your budget on novelty gift bags for your guests. Essentially, a planner will know the ropes much better than you do and will be able to offer you the most reliable and impartial advice. Plus, they’ll probably have connections and good relationships with favored venues, florists and all of the other trades involved in your big day. They have a better chance of negotiating prices and packages than you would alone.

A planner’s responsibilities

Your planner’s role is pretty simple: to bring your wedding fantasies to life. Here are just a few things that they can help you decide on:

  1. The venue
  2. The date
  3. Your budget
  4. Your color scheme
  5. Flowers and the all-important bouquet
  6. Your dress
  7. Bridesmaids dresses
  8. Hair and nails
  9. Photographers and videographers
  10. Bands and entertainment
  11. Food and caterers
  12. Hotel rooms for guests
  13. The cake
  14. Wedding favours
  15. Order of ceremony

For more ideas of what to discuss with your wedding planner, check out our other articles. We’re here to help you know what you can’t do without on your wedding day.

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The First Things You Should Consider When Planning a Wedding

When planning a wedding, there are a lot of things to consider. Some things don’t take as long to plan whereas others can take a long time. It can be hard to know what you should plan and when. So here is a little advice to guide you through the process and tell you what you need to start planning first.

Choose a Date

This is what everyone will be asking you to start with! It might be hard to choose an exact date to start with, though. Some timings will depend on other factors like venue availability. So it is good to think about a time range that you are going for. It will all depend on other commitments, work and family and kids perhaps. It will also determine how long you want to be engaged, so they are all important things to consider. Having one or two months in mind is so useful going forward.

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Set a Budget

Setting a budget is of paramount importance. Not much else can be planned until you know what you have to work with. You and your fiance should get together with family to determine what is available and who is contributing. It might feel a little awkward to talk about but it needs to be done. All other decisions depend on it.

Choose a Location / Venue

You may have a dream location in mind or have your heart set on getting married in the same church your parents did. Wherever it is, now is the time to start making enquiries. With your time range in mind, you can approach and see availability and then find out costs. Then when you have narrowed down a certain date, everything else can be planned for.

Choose the Style of Wedding

Before you can plan the decorations, flowers or outfits, you need to know what theme of wedding you want to go for. There is so much inspiration online so have a browse and see what you like. Would you prefer a modern style wedding, vintage or retro? How about a classic wedding or a shabby chic style? Once this decision has been made you can get on with choosing a dress and all those fun things!

Save the Date / Invitations

When you have the date in mind, it might be worth sending out save the date cards. This is only needed if it will be a year or more in the future. If the wedding is within a year, then you could just go for invites. Think about the style of invites that you want, but they should be in keeping with your theme. You can get them personalised and printed online which may save you a lot of stress, rather than making them yourself. Look at somewhere like Pure Invitation, wedding invitations and browse the styles.

I hope this guide is useful to you as you start the process of planning a wedding. It is good to know what you should do and when. Good luck and congratulations!

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Ways To Make Your Wedding Extra Special

One of the most important events in a person’s life is her wedding day. This is an event that should not pass by naturally. A grandiose wedding is dependent on how the couple would see it. If the couple would be more than happy to keep it intimate and simple then it would become the wedding that they want. There are couples who want all their relatives and friend to witness their day and they won’t mind paying that much to accommodate everyone.

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If you really want your wedding extra special, do not forget to give it a personal touch like choosing your favorite color, and if you still have time, make your own souvenir items. All brides would really want to have the most beautiful wedding gown in town but sometimes the budget is not enough. However, there would always be a cheap wedding gown that can look expensive the moment you wear it. Remember that any dress worn by a person who’s truly happy can become the most beautiful dress that it can be.

If you’re not that busy, you can help out your organizer set up your wedding. It is very important to tell how your wedding would turn out to be together with your future husband. If the entire wedding has your personal touch, then it’s a guarantee that your wedding would be very special. Do not think about what the guests will say about it. What is more important is that you would be the happiest when it happens.

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Making Destination Weddings in Florida Truly Memorable – The Right Outfit

There are a number of things that need to be given thought to when it comes to making your destination weddings in Florida truly out of the world. The couple’s dress and outfits is something that needs to be given thought to at first place. On the wedding day, every couple wants to look like a king and queen. Depending on the venue of the wedding, the couple needs to plan their outfits.

There are a number of wedding planners who make arrangements for destination weddings in Florida. The pristine and long stretches of white sandy beaches, excellent climatic conditions and the exotic natural surroundings are things that call for the destination wedding. Exchanging wedding rings and taking wedding vows amidst such picturesque scenery is something that one would want their dream wedding to be like. Moreover, having a wedding party in that area sounds pretty exciting and a thrilling experience.

Newly Wed Couple

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The wedding planner should have experience and expertise in getting things organized and you can also ask him to give you references of past clients. Personally speak to the clients or if time permits, make visits to find out about the services they received. Generally, destination weddings in Florida planners are one stop services where you can shop everything that includes choosing your wedding venue, catering, transportation, music, dance etc., under one roof.

Your guests are going to come from different and far off places for your wedding, so it is your duty to ensure that you provide them with comfortable accommodations. If you are thinking of holding your wedding during the wedding season, then obviously accommodations would be packed, so make sure to do advance bookings. This not only works out cheaper but you also get good and decent accommodations. Many resorts also extend complete wedding packages so you can also invite quotes from them.

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Why Hire a Wedding Planner

There is nothing so great than seeing the one you love loving you back with amorous or rather loving love. The best thing you can do is to arrange an exquisite wedding for her. The first step to take is to seek the help of a wedding planner, or be a wedding planner, just to see what it takes. By doing that you will be a few steps to an awesome party to be.

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When consulting  a wedding planner  everything will be sorted in the right way without difficulties and stress. Many lied that they can arrange a wedding by themselves only to find that they can do little. It is about that time wedding planner, should be your first priority. Let’s get everything done stress free. All that you need is a wedding planner, advice because they got the right tips for a wedding day and of course the party. 

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