Alternative Ways to Capture Moments That Last Forever

Of course, a wedding is very important, and at times it gets very serious; you are pledging yourself to another human being for the rest of your life after all. However, the moment that you want to capture forever should have more smiling faces than stern faces in it. It’s a celebration, and thus, it should show up as such when you look back in 20 or 30 years from now. Sometimes it can be an afterthought, because hiring a photographer to captivate your special day, isn’t as important as all the other things that actually, make the day possible. On the other hand, it could be something fun, interactive and very personal. It isn’t just about capturing the dress, the moment the bride and groom meet at the altar, it’s about the friends and family, the joyous occasions with the children and making the best out of looking your best, that matters.

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Video vlogging

You could give the responsibility of capturing the day to a few of your closest friends and family. Modern retail video cameras are very high quality and have the ability to store a ton of footage onto their SD cards. You can easily switch out a card, and put another in, and within seconds, resume filming. Vlogging the entire day from multiple angles is a very, very personal approach. It’s the inside view of the entire wedding. You’ll get to see what your friends and family were doing when you were getting your hair ready. Instruct the wedding vloggers to go around and do interviews with the guests, and ask them what they think about the lucky couple, the party they put on and reminisce about old times. Even though you as the bride will technically be, behind the scenes, while the guests are the audience coming to see you, the truth behind the scenes is all the cogs and gears in the form of organizers, who should be filmed too.

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Fun photography

A wedding is essentially a big party and the celebration of love. After you take your vows, the serious part is over, and now it’s time to have fun. You may never look this good again, with a lavish white dress and perfect hair and makeup, so strike the poses you want with Booth Boy. A booth-style photography is a great way to get that fun mood and vibe going. It captures all the friends and family while they let their hair down. There are props you can use and much around with a bit of role play. There are many different backgrounds, colors and lighting styles you can choose from to suit the current party mood. It’s a much more informal way of capturing the day, and not as serious as professional wedding photographers.

Capturing the moment can sometimes be a bit fake when you’re doing so with a traditional wedding photographer. It’s a lot of forced smiles and standing up straight and being perfectly still. There are alternative and more personal ways to capture your happy day, which show the true atmosphere and love you share with family and friends. You’ll look back on that day of fun and flair, while also reminiscing about the different personalities that were on show at your wedding.

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Hen Party Ideas

If you’re planning a hen party for your best friend, sister or colleague it can send your head into overdrive. You want to plan something everyone will enjoy but you have to put the bride first. You may also have to be wary of the bride’s family members, possibly elderly family members. How can you possibly please everyone at once? Planning any kind of party will come with its stresses, but here’s a list of hen party ideas that everyone will love.

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Get Creative

Going on a hen weekend doesn’t automatically mean you all have to dress in tutus and get drunk at clubs. If you’re dealing with a more reserved bunch, there are lots of creative thing you can do to have fun. Things such as clay modelling, knitting classes where you can make the wedding favours, life art where you get to draw a naked man and much more. The possibilities are endless.

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Chill Out

It may just be that after all that wedding planning you all need to relax and unwind. There’s nothing like a spa weekend and few glasses of champagne to chill you out. Enjoy a facial, massage, a swim in the pool and some beautifully cooked meals. It’ll take all the stress those personalized wedding napkins made away.

Outdoor Activities

This one is for the adrenaline junky hens that don’t mind a bit of mud. An assault course is the perfect idea for competitive bridesmaids. There’ll be nothing but smiles at the end and it’s a great bonding experience. It will force you to work as a team and you’ll all come out of it closer than ever. Other ideas include Go Karting, Archery and Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Vintage Parties

Is your bride a vintage lover? Throwing a vintage hen party could be just up her street. Think afternoon tea with cake, ice-cream, sparkling wine and sandwiches. You could include some vintage dollies, handkerchiefs and tea cups that everyone can take home with them.

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Pole Dancing

If your bride is a bit cheeky but she isn’t much of drinker, a pole dancing class could be ideal. It’s a chance for all the girls to have a giggle while doing their best to master the pole. You may even learn some moves to take home with you. I wouldn’t go investing in a bedroom pole just yet though.

Driving Theme

You may have some dare devils amongst you that you need to please. In that case, you may want to think about a race track day. You’ll have a safety brief when you arrive and you may be driven around the track first to get your bearings. Then it’s a race to finish to see which one of you can get the fastest lap time.

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Old Reliable

When worst comes to worst and you can think of anything else, put a glass of wine in everyone’s hand and then lead them to the bar. Nine times out of ten, if you’ve got alcohol and a dance floor, you really can’t go wrong.

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Don’t Forget These Little Details Which Will Make Your Friend’s Hen Unforgettable

It’s always a fun time when you have to organise a hen do for your best friend. After all, you can’t wait to give her one last night of freedom. But organising a hen do is a lot harder than you think. It can be a challenge to make sure everything is all planned and sorted, and everyone turns up in time; especially the guest of honour! And while most of us often dwell on the main things such as the location of the hen and the activities, it’s often the small things which make the biggest difference. Therefore, don’t forget these little details which will make your friend’s hen unforgettable.

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A selection of fun games to play

If you are heading somewhere abroad for the hen do, there might be some downtime in between activities. And unless you want the hens to get bored, you should organise some fun games which will bring on the giggles. Playing games is also an excellent way for the hens to bond. It can break the ice for people who don’t know each other. Of course, you should try and make the games to do with the bride..

A special gift for the bride to be

It’s always good to treat the bride to be. After all, the hen is all about her, so you want her to feel rather special. Therefore, you should get a gift for the bride to be that she can keep as a reminder of the hen. You might want to get her a guestbook which is signed with a special message from each of the hens. Or you could go for a photo album which she can fill with pictures of the hen do. And you might want to get her some of her favourite things. For example, if she loves cheese, you could get her something related such as cheese hampers. Or if she is fond of a particular band, you could get their latest CD or a poster for her to keep!

A funny clothes theme

Once you have decided what you all will be doing for the hen, you need to think about what you will all wear. After all, a lot of hens all wear a particular colour or theme when they attend a hen. For example, you might want to go for a superhero theme, so everyone has to dress up in costumes. Or you might want all the hens to wear red while the bride stands out in white! Choose a funny clothes theme in advance to ensure your friend’s hen stands out!

Cute little invites

You also need to ensure all the hens have an invite with all the relevant details. For one thing, it’s something they can keep forever. And also, it will ensure they don’t turn up late or at the wrong destination. And as this feature explains, you might want to keep a note of the girl’s contact numbers just in case they don’t turn up!

And remember to get gift bags for the hens. That way, they all have something cute to take home to celebrate their attendance. You can find ideas of what to put in online.

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Important Things To Avoid When Planning A Bachelorette

Bachelorette parties can often be as rowdy as those get-togethers we’d expect from the boys. But there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that! What is wrong, however, is committing one of the following few blunders.

As party planner, it’s your job to make the night memorable, fun and most importantly – embarrassment-free. Right away, I’d advise you to not watch the movie Bridesmaids, and definitely do not plan anything you wouldn’t like yourself.

So, here’s how you can keep your bachelorette party luxurious and fun, while avoiding certain pitfalls!

Don’t embarrass the bride

It’s her big night; so make her feel as comfortable as possible. If you had something in mind, like a stripper, don’t do it. If she ends up feeling too embarrassed, it can dampen the night and it’ll be your fault. Would you like to be in those shoes? Probably not.

Nope. [Image courtesy of Jack/]

Don’t make the guests spend a lot of money

Most people will attend at least one wedding a year, if not more. And that means there could be a few pricey bachelorettes. Everything from travel to clothing to gifts can quickly make those costs stack up.

The thing is, not everyone has the cash to spend, or wants to spend it on a bachelorette. Try and plan your bachelorette to keep costs for the guests as low as possible. If you’re planning a vacation, sites like can offer you advice on this. Remember to keep things fun, and low-cost!

Don’t plan it around alcohol

Alcohol is fine, but this is a night you want to remember – so make sure people can actually remember it! Of course, drinking can be a part of the night, but try to keep things minimal. Getting wasted in a nightclub may seem fun at the time, but it won’t the morning after!

What happens when you drink too much… [Image courtesy of Alexi Ueltzen/]

Don’t plan strenuous physical activity

While some physical activity is perfectly fine, don’t go overboard. This is a night for people to relax – not get so shattered that they want to go to bed early. I suppose a game of laser tag would be acceptable, but it all depends on the bride’s personality. Would she enjoy it? I’d recommend keeping things simple, rather than trying to go overboard.

Don’t build the guest list yourself

You may be fond of certain people that the bride absolutely hates, or vice versa. But, this is the bride’s night – so it should be her guest list. Under no circumstances should you invite any guys – a bachelorette is a celebration of female friendships!

If you’re in doubt, just consult the bride. Let her choose who’s on the guest list, so you don’t end up inviting someone who’s unwelcome. If you’re struggling with the guest list, don’t fret! There’s plenty of help on the matter, such as

Don’t argue

Even if you aren’t fond of certain guests in attendance and even if you dislike the bridesmaids dress, keep it to yourself! This night isn’t about you, it’s about the bride, and creating a brilliant send-off to single life. Nobody likes drama at any sort of occasion, and this is no exception.

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The Role And Responsibilities Of The Best Man

We bet you stumbled onto our friendly little section of the web because you’re eager to learn more about weddings. That might be because you’re planning on getting married yourself. Or, it could be because you’ve been named as a key person in a wedding that you’re attending. Best man, perhaps. So, now you want to learn about all the roles and responsibilities of the best man. Well, you’ve come to right place. We’ll make sure that you are the perfect right-hand man for the groom. Here are some of your biggest responsibilities.

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Finding And Choosing The Right Rings

Don’t be surprised if you’re dragged ring shopping long before the actual wedding. Yes, if you’re chosen as best man early enough, you may well be brought into the decision of buying an engagement ring. Remember, the engagement ring is the first important choice of the wedding. It’s what determines whether or not there’s even a wedding for you to be a best man at. When picking the ring, make sure the future groom looks at unique engagement rings. Anything that stands out in the right way is worth considering.

Of course, your role isn’t over with the rings once he pops the question. It’s likely that it will be your job to keep the wedding bands safe and sound. You have to make sure that you don’t lose them before the event. This has been turned into a comical event in many Hollywood films. Trust us though, if you lose the rings, no one will be laughing.

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The Bachelor Party

One of the best parts of being a best man is that you get to plan the bachelor party. You get to decide what you do, when to have it and how to get the groom there. It’s up to you to make it a surprise, have a quiet evening or throw a wild party. Already, we bet you’ve got some ideas about what you could arrange. But be careful because you don’t want to put the groom in any awkward positions. For instance, he might have told you that he and his partner agreed no strippers before the wedding. You shouldn’t arrange one anyway.

The Best Man Speech

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The least fun part of being the best man? That’s got to be writing the best man speech. Best men always have difficulty getting the speech right. It’s got to be funny but not embarrassing. It should remember the past but not forget to look towards the future. Most importantly of all, it should be heartfelt. If you’re struggling to right, the speech think about what makes them a good couple. That should set you off on the right track.

Cold Feet

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Finally, cold feet aren’t uncommon for the groom up to the day of the wedding. It will be your job to make sure that the nerves are calmed. That’s all they are, just last minute panics. You shouldn’t take it as a sign that they should not get married. Unless, serious mistakes have been made.

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Who Does What At A Wedding?

There are so many different traditions for a wedding. Some have roots in old religious ceremonies for the union of two families. Others have stemmed from generations of superstitions. At the end of the day, this wedding is your wedding. Only you and your spouse-to-be have any say in how the ceremony is performed or the structure of your most beautiful day.

Of course, it can be fun to delve into some of the more familiar traditions that are still commonplace today. Involving your family and friends in the happy event is one of the best bits of getting married. And it seems that everyone important in your life has a role to play in the traditional wedding. Let’s start with the Bride’s people.

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Your Father could be the perfect choice for companion as you walk down the aisle at your wedding ceremony. If you’re wearing a veil, he may even be the one to reveal you to your partner. Your sister, or best girlfriend may already have made the mighty journey to the front of your venue. As the Maid of Honor, she may just be the perfect person to take care of all those last minute preparations. She’s the one who will make sure you never find out about any hiccups on your big day. Perhaps some young cousins took on the role of flower girls to drop petals in front of your feet as you walked.

Your friends may be dressed in matching outfits for the one and only time in their lives as your bridesmaids. They may also have acted as Ushers for your side of the venue. Your Mom will be the second most beautiful woman in the room. She’s wearing an elegant dress and hat and is already seated at the front of the room. Her job has been one of the busiest, helping you organize the flowers, the venues, the catering and so on.

For your husband-to-be, his best friend is more than just a Best Man at the wedding. He’ll be delivering the first speech at the reception. He’ll tell the room that his mate couldn’t have picked a more beautiful girl. And he’ll be the one that has kept your fella upright and in good shape for the whole morning! He may also be responsible for taking care of your wedding bands. And when you’re talking about expensive gold or titanium wedding rings, you know he has to be someone your hubby really trusts.

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The Mother of the Groom will be the one who has made sure every guy in the place looks impeccable. She’ll have attached their buttonholes and made sure their ties were straight. And the Father of the Groom may have been welcoming guests into the venue all morning. Brothers and cousins of the Groom may also have acted as Page Boys or Ushers.

That leaves the Officiant or Celebrant. They are the ones who will ensure you are legally joined in marriage. The Celebrant guides you through the ceremony and helps you publicly declare your love for each other. Congratulations!

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Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas That Are ‘Off-The-Registry’

Your wedding invitation has arrived in the post, and you’re all set for the big day. You have your outfit planned, and an appointment with the hairdresser. All you need to worry about is the wedding gift. If you’re struggling with what to buy, read our tips on planning the perfect gift.

  1. It Doesn’t Have To Be Wedding Themed

Remember, your gift isn’t required to have a wedding or love theme. You’re looking for something thoughtful for the bride and groom. Instead, consider unique gifts for all occasions. The important word here is ‘unique’. Find something that has significance to the couple.

  1. History

How much to do you know about the bride and groom? You have been invited to share their wedding day, but is this as a distant friend or relation? If you know the couple well, what do you know about their history? For example, where did they meet? Do they have a favorite holiday destination? If so, you could buy a gift relating to this. For example, a framed photo, a piece of artwork, or a custom map.

  1. Hobbies

Does the couple have any shared hobbies? Do they like the same activities or sports? Or do they prefer long walks in the country? If they have a shared hobby or interest, look for ideas around this theme. Try to think out of the box. For example, if they enjoy wine, consider something unusual like a share in a vineyard.

  1. Customize

Customized gifts are always well-received because of their personal nature. There are lots of gifts you could buy around this theme. Find a local artist who could paint a portrait based on a photograph. Caricatures are another option. Or, opt for a sculpture of their pet.

  1. Experience Gift

If the couple has a lot of ‘stuff’ and you’re struggling for something unique, forget physical gifts. There are no rules about buying something that the couple can keep for the rest of their lives. Buy them an experience instead. Find something that will appeal to both of them. This could be driving a race car or a trip in a hot air balloon. If they’re not particularly sporty or adventurous, opt for a train journey to an interesting location. Though an experience gift has a short shelf life, the memories will last them a lifetime.

  1. Make Something Yourself

Do you have arts or craft skills? If so, consider making something yourself. The possibilities are endless. If you’re a photographer, you could gift them a photo shoot. Artists can paint or draw portraits. If your talent is woodwork, make them a table or bench. The item will be unique to them and something they can treasure.

  1. The Gift Of Learning

Buy the couple a short course that they can take together. Find something that is relevant to them. If they enjoy cooking or baking, look for classes on bread making, etc. If they have a favorite holiday destination, book them a class to learn the language. They can spend time together and have lots of fun while learning new skills.

The best gifts are the ones that take a little thought. They’re the ones that tell the recipient you get them and you pay attention.

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Tips for a Simple Yet Amazing Wedding Day

Weddings don’t have to be all glitz and glamour with lots of expense. You can have an amazing wedding day and still keep it simple. A simple wedding day is bound to be much less stressful! These tips will help you:

Plan in Advance

When you plan your wedding day in advance, you’ll have much less to worry about on the day. Even if you don’t plan on getting married for a few years, planning as much as you can in advance will take a weight off your shoulders and make you feel better.

Make a List of Things That Matter the Most to You

All that really matters on your wedding day, is that you do the things that matter the most to you. If something doesn’t matter that much, then you can ignore it altogether or spend very little time on it. For instance, you might consider the food the most important thing. After all, that’s one thing the guests will really remember and all have something to do with. In this case, you should look at appropriate banquet halls and similar options. If nothing matters but you and your partner, you could simply jet off and get married on a beach somewhere. You don’t even need to go abroad to do it! It’s all about what you both deem to be important.

Enlist Help of Friends and Family

Enlisting the help of friends and family will make things cheaper and much less hassle for you. They’ll likely to be happy to help on one of the most important days of your life, and you might even consider telling them they don’t have to get you a present to make the offer even more attractive. If you get them involved when it comes to readings and things like that, it’ll make your day all the more special to you.

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Just Think of it as a Party

Instead of thinking of it as a wedding, which can make you think of all of the money you’ll spend, think of it as a party. A party with your nearest and dearest isn’t going to cost anywhere near as much as your traditional ‘wedding’. It’ll still mean a lot to you though!

Don’t Get Into Debt

Why get into debt over one day? Sure it’s going to be one of the best days, but you don’t need to get into debt for it. If you can’t afford it, then don’t do it. There are so many ways you can have the best day of your life without spending a fortune. Don’t feel the need to spend more than you have to impress people.

Remember What’s Important

Don’t forget what’s important on your wedding day. You and your other half declaring your love for one another! If you keep this in mind the whole day, nothing else will matter. It’ll just be a bonus!

Stay in the present moment on your big day and enjoy every second. It doesn’t need to be expensive or flashy!

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What is a Wedding without the Wedding Party?

That special day is all about the bride and groom and their undeniable love for each other, right? Well, not exactly. For those who decide to have a quiet wedding, or elope to somewhere warm and stunning with no-one but a couple of random people for their witnesses, maybe. But for those of us who want to spend the day with everyone we love there is a lot more involved. Forget the location, size of the cake and wedding band; a true wedding day relies heavily on the wedding party. If any of the party drops out it can completely devastate the blushing bride and groom, especially after months of planning. Lose a bridesmaid, a best man or an usher and everything can seem a little hopeless.

So let’s take a little moment to appreciate these all-important people. Okay, so they aren’t part of the relationship as such, but they are part of the wedding party for a reason. Whether they are family, best friends or childhood buddies these are the people that you call up after an argument with you fiancé, the people you go to when you need some time to yourself. These are the people who support you both, allowing your relationship to bloom. Now, they know you love them and they aren’t going to run out on your wedding if you give them a rubbish wedding favour, but a little appreciation for all that they do certainly wouldn’t go amiss.


[My cousin’s wedding]

The wedding favours are only a small part of the planning and might seem unimportant in comparison to the hair and makeup artist or finding the right DJ, but they will mean an awful lot to the recipients and will certainly be kept for years to come. Quality is, of course, very important but this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune. Simply take the time to consider what is an appropriate way to thank them for their part in the wedding and in your lives. Luckily for those with large weddings the bride and groom only really have to give favours to the actual wedding party and not all of the guests. These favours could consist of jewellery or engraved cufflinks with personalized wedding favours generally becoming more and more popular. The choices are endless and it all depends on the relationship that you have with them, but if you put a little time and thought into the decision it will be evident in the gift. After-all, it is worthwhile making the effort as these could be the people to help you keep your sanity after 50 years of marriage.

Lizzie is a regular attendee of numerous weddings throughout the year and uses her spare time to share her findings on behalf of Personalised Pressies.

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