Who Does What At A Wedding?

There are so many different traditions for a wedding. Some have roots in old religious ceremonies for the union of two families. Others have stemmed from generations of superstitions. At the end of the day, this wedding is your wedding. Only you and your spouse-to-be have any say in how the ceremony is performed or the structure of your most beautiful day.

Of course, it can be fun to delve into some of the more familiar traditions that are still commonplace today. Involving your family and friends in the happy event is one of the best bits of getting married. And it seems that everyone important in your life has a role to play in the traditional wedding. Let’s start with the Bride’s people.

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Your Father could be the perfect choice for companion as you walk down the aisle at your wedding ceremony. If you’re wearing a veil, he may even be the one to reveal you to your partner. Your sister, or best girlfriend may already have made the mighty journey to the front of your venue. As the Maid of Honor, she may just be the perfect person to take care of all those last minute preparations. She’s the one who will make sure you never find out about any hiccups on your big day. Perhaps some young cousins took on the role of flower girls to drop petals in front of your feet as you walked.

Your friends may be dressed in matching outfits for the one and only time in their lives as your bridesmaids. They may also have acted as Ushers for your side of the venue. Your Mom will be the second most beautiful woman in the room. She’s wearing an elegant dress and hat and is already seated at the front of the room. Her job has been one of the busiest, helping you organize the flowers, the venues, the catering and so on.

For your husband-to-be, his best friend is more than just a Best Man at the wedding. He’ll be delivering the first speech at the reception. He’ll tell the room that his mate couldn’t have picked a more beautiful girl. And he’ll be the one that has kept your fella upright and in good shape for the whole morning! He may also be responsible for taking care of your wedding bands. And when you’re talking about expensive gold or titanium wedding rings, you know he has to be someone your hubby really trusts.

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The Mother of the Groom will be the one who has made sure every guy in the place looks impeccable. She’ll have attached their buttonholes and made sure their ties were straight. And the Father of the Groom may have been welcoming guests into the venue all morning. Brothers and cousins of the Groom may also have acted as Page Boys or Ushers.

That leaves the Officiant or Celebrant. They are the ones who will ensure you are legally joined in marriage. The Celebrant guides you through the ceremony and helps you publicly declare your love for each other. Congratulations!

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These Small Details Could Make All the Difference for Your Wedding

There’s so much involved in planning a wedding. Sometimes you can get so caught up in the big decisions that you forget about the little things. Of course, it’s the main choices you have to pull off to make sure everything goes smoothly. But it’s the small things that can make a difference and turn your wedding into something truly personal. And some minor details can help to make your day more organized. Sometimes there are things you leave out that won’t make a huge impact, but will cause a tiny snag. Making sure to take care of these details can make all the difference. When you’re wrapping up your planning, make sure you don’t forget the things below.

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Directions and Signs

Getting a large group of people from one place to another can be a lot harder than you think. You don’t want everyone running around like headless chickens or standing awkwardly because they don’t know where to go. What if everyone arrives at the reception but they have no idea if they’re meant to go inside yet? Providing directions and signage helps to keep everyone organized. Everyone should know how to get to the venue (or venues). You could provide maps or written directions to help them. It’s a good idea to tell people the situation on parking too. Put up some signs at the venue to point people in the right direction.

Seating Cards

If you’re putting together a seating arrangement, help people understand where to go. Not everyone wants to create a seating plan, but it can be useful. Some people might prefer to be in a quiet corner, while others wish to be near the dance floor. You can ensure they get what they want by arranging it beforehand. You could have a chart at the front of the room to tell people which table they need to go to. Or you could give everyone a card with a number so they can track down the corresponding table.


Your tables are important but don’t just concentrate on the tablecloths. Everyone is going to need a serviette so they can stay smart and clean while they eat. Now isn’t really the time for disposable ones, so think about cloth ones instead. If you want to make them more personal, you can have them personalized. For example, the napkins from Richard Haworth can be customized to your liking. You could embroider your initials on them, or perhaps the date, and people could take them home if they wanted to. Of course, you could also take them all and use them for future dinner parties.

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Party Favors

Another small detail to add to the tables is the party favors. There are so many fun things you can do to make things interesting. Common choices include things like bottles of bubbles, confetti or chocolates. But you can be a lot more creative with your choices, so people have something lovely to take home. It could be something for their home, like a candle, for example. Or you can do something fun that they can enjoy at the table. Some people put together a custom cocktail or other drink that everyone can have. If you’re stuck for ideas, it’s easy to find hundreds of them online. You can make something yourself or buy readymade items that you can personalize with your wedding colors.

Kids’ Party Favors

If there are going to be little ones present at the wedding, you want to make sure they’re entertained. A lot of kids are fine hanging out with each others and having fun on the dancefloor. But you might wish to provide some entertainment for them too. Some people set up a kids’ area and hire a babysitter to watch them, so their parents can have some adult fun. Giving out special children’s favors is a good idea to make them happy. Maybe they could all get coloring books and crayons so they can spend some time coloring in.


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Menu Cards

You might have sent out menu options with your invitations. Everyone chose what they wanted and sent them back. But that doesn’t mean they remember what they asked for. They could have chosen months ago, and now they have no idea what they’re about to be served. Providing them with menu cards, either for each table or individually, will remind everyone. Don’t forget to include any options you’re providing for people with dietary requirements. You can make your cards to fit in with the rest of your wedding, whether it’s formal or casual.

Planning for a Rainy Day

A lot of people don’t think about how wet weather might affect their day. If the wedding isn’t outside, you might not think it’s a big deal. Or you might see a sunny forecast and assume that you’re going to be safe. But having a plan in place just in case could save you on the big day. Even if the ceremony and reception are both inside, the guests will need to get there. They at least need to get out of a car and into the building. You might need to make a backup plan for taking photos if you wanted some outside. Perhaps you could even provide everyone with umbrellas, just in case.

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Deciding Where to Put the Gifts

If you’re asked for gifts, you could end up with a big pile at the end of the day. There are two things you need to think about. Firstly, what is going to happen to the gifts during the reception? Will someone have the job of moving them to another room so that they’re out of the way? You don’t want to have to worry about them while you’re dancing the night away. And once it’s time to leave, who is going to take them home? You might be off on your honeymoon in the morning and have no time to deal with them. Ask a parent or someone in the wedding party to take them home.

The big decisions matter most, but don’t forget the small details for your special day. They could make your wedding much more personal.

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