Your Wedding Jewelry: What Pieces To Pick Out

As your big day is approaching, there are lots of little details that you’re to want to firm up. Although you’ve probably got some of the bigger choices confirmed months ago, there are always lots of little decisions and finer details that you have to put in place in the run-up to your wedding. One of these will be your jewelry. You may have had some ideas in mind when you first imagined yourself as a bride, but you still have to pick out the final pieces. So, if you want to make sure that you cover off all areas of your jewelry decisions, here are five key areas you won’t want to forget.

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The Wedding Bands

The first piece of jewelry that you’re going to want to pick out will be your wedding rings. This may be something that you decide on when you chose your engagement ring or even earlier on during your planning, but if not, now’s the time to decide on a style. Whether you want to look at some classic designs such as the Tacori wedding rings here, or even get something custom made, now’s the time to decide. Just make sure that your final choice is something you love, as it’s a ring you’ll wear for the rest of your life.


With the wedding bands chosen, you’re then going to want to think about your personal jewelry for the big day itself. This could be something that you already own or even jewelry that you want to pick out especially for your wedding. Your style of earring choice may be based on two things; your dress and your hair. You may want simple studs or something bigger and dropped so that it’s more noticeable. Either way, you need to make sure your choice works with your final look for the day.

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A Necklace

Then, you may also want to think about styling a necklace with your dress. Again, this will depend on both your hairstyle for the day and the design of your dress. If you have something high neck, you may not even want to wear a necklace at all. But if you’re working with a strapless dress, then you may want a necklace to break up the space and add a nice sparkle.

A Bracelet

After a necklace, you could also think about wrist jewelry. Bracelets look beautiful on your wedding day. However, the style that you choose will be based on your dress. Again, if you have something strapless, a bracelet may be able to break everything up and add some sparkle to your arms. But if you’re working with a long sleeve, you may not want something that prominent.

Something For Your Hair

Finally, you may also want to think about the ways in which you can dress your hair with jewelry. Regardless of the hairstyle, you’re working with; wedding hair accessories can always set it off perfectly. Whether you go for a clip or tiara, or even pins, you can add some bling to your locks to make your look complete.

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Give Your Wedding Guests An Evening Party They’ll Never Forget

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about the guests! The evening party is usually the point in the day when people can let their hair down after a day of formalities. Guests can really let themselves go during the evening and have a great time. So it’s a good idea to put on a party that they will never forget. That way, your wedding will stand out from all of the others that take place throughout wedding season. How do you host a memorable wedding party? Here are some useful tips.

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Ace Your First Dance

The beginning of the party kicks off with the bride and groom’s first dance. Don’t just be boring and choose a soppy love song. Why not shake things up a bit with something a bit more upbeat? At the end of the day, though, do something that suits your personalities. If you are very much into your love songs, then waltz to one of your favorites. However, if you’d rather have a boogie to some pop, pick a tune from that genre. To make it an unforgettable dance, you could even choreograph it. Your guests will love it if it is unique and entertaining! Ask some to video it so you can look back at it in years to come.

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Put On A Brilliant Buffet

You will have already eaten during the day at your wedding reception. However, some of your guests will only be attending the evening celebrations. So they could turn up pretty hungry! Put on some food for all your guests. You may even feel slightly peckish yourself! But it doesn’t have to be a standard buffet of vol-au-vents, quiche, and open sandwiches. Mix it up a bit! Your guests won’t forget a quirky buffet. When you are in the process of planning your big day, speak to different Function Venues to see what they can offer you when it comes to catering. If you prefer, you can always hire a specialist catering company. This is the best option if you want some food options that are totally different to what people might expect!

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Evening Entertainment

Your guests will certainly want to be entertained. Think about hiring a professional wedding band who can serenade the crowd. Many people also organize a disco for once the band has finished playing. This will ensure everyone stays up on their feet dancing well into the small hours! If you are thinking out of the box when it comes to your evening entertainment, you could have already considered karaoke. Some party planning companies hire out karaoke machines. You may already have one at home! This will include everyone as part of the entertainment as they’ll all be invited to sing their favorite songs! Another reason to take a video camera with you to your wedding!


The venue might need a bit of sprucing up before you can host your party. Think about using bright accessories to liven the place up. If there will be tables, cover them in colorful tablecloths and flower arrangements. As well as any other decorative items that you think will look great. If your wedding is themed, then the decorations should follow this theme. For a fairy tale wedding, think lots of glitter and sparkle! One fantastic tip is to use lampshades to change the color of any lights in the room. Instead of the usual clear light, you could cover a bulb with a red shade to give the room a soft red glow. You can, of course, do this with whichever colors you prefer!

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Add Some Extra Wow Factor!

For a totally show-stopping party, you need to add some wow-factor. And how do you do that? One of the easiest ways is to get some fireworks! Towards the end of the night, take all your guests outside for a small firework display. It’s the perfect way to make sure your evening ends with a bang – quite literally! And it is also a fantastic photo opportunity. Pass some sparklers around so everyone can create their own sparkly show! It is important to be safe whenever you use fireworks and sparklers. Keep buckets of cold water close so you can dispose of used sparklers quickly and safely. If you light a firework, and it doesn’t go off, do not return to it. It could explode when you are close, so it is best to stay away and give it time.

Now you know all the tricks to a fantastic evening wedding party!

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