Common Problems of Filipina Marrying a Foreigner

I have recently stumble to a page online about Filipino being married to Foreigners, everyone has their own stories, dilemma and problems. I have noticed majority of their problems is the culture and misunderstanding for everything. Filipinos are way sensitive that’s why when their husband says something they are very much affected. I have been on that situation too but before I became angry and do self-pity I remind myself of our difference, we have different upbringing and we have different culture.

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Comparing is also one of the factor that affects a relationship, some Filipinas always compare their husband to the way Filipino men does. Sometimes they also compare their relationship on their family relationship. I should say women married to foreigners should stop comparing their husband because the more you compare the more you can’t appreciate your husband who he was. Accept your husband’s weakness and lack for something and surely your marriage relationship will not end to nothing.

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