Hen Party Ideas

If you’re planning a hen party for your best friend, sister or colleague it can send your head into overdrive. You want to plan something everyone will enjoy but you have to put the bride first. You may also have to be wary of the bride’s family members, possibly elderly family members. How can you possibly please everyone at once? Planning any kind of party will come with its stresses, but here’s a list of hen party ideas that everyone will love.

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Get Creative

Going on a hen weekend doesn’t automatically mean you all have to dress in tutus and get drunk at clubs. If you’re dealing with a more reserved bunch, there are lots of creative thing you can do to have fun. Things such as clay modelling, knitting classes where you can make the wedding favours, life art where you get to draw a naked man and much more. The possibilities are endless.

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Chill Out

It may just be that after all that wedding planning you all need to relax and unwind. There’s nothing like a spa weekend and few glasses of champagne to chill you out. Enjoy a facial, massage, a swim in the pool and some beautifully cooked meals. It’ll take all the stress those personalized wedding napkins made away.

Outdoor Activities

This one is for the adrenaline junky hens that don’t mind a bit of mud. An assault course is the perfect idea for competitive bridesmaids. There’ll be nothing but smiles at the end and it’s a great bonding experience. It will force you to work as a team and you’ll all come out of it closer than ever. Other ideas include Go Karting, Archery and Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Vintage Parties

Is your bride a vintage lover? Throwing a vintage hen party could be just up her street. Think afternoon tea with cake, ice-cream, sparkling wine and sandwiches. You could include some vintage dollies, handkerchiefs and tea cups that everyone can take home with them.

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Pole Dancing

If your bride is a bit cheeky but she isn’t much of drinker, a pole dancing class could be ideal. It’s a chance for all the girls to have a giggle while doing their best to master the pole. You may even learn some moves to take home with you. I wouldn’t go investing in a bedroom pole just yet though.

Driving Theme

You may have some dare devils amongst you that you need to please. In that case, you may want to think about a race track day. You’ll have a safety brief when you arrive and you may be driven around the track first to get your bearings. Then it’s a race to finish to see which one of you can get the fastest lap time.

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Old Reliable

When worst comes to worst and you can think of anything else, put a glass of wine in everyone’s hand and then lead them to the bar. Nine times out of ten, if you’ve got alcohol and a dance floor, you really can’t go wrong.

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Don’t Forget These Little Details Which Will Make Your Friend’s Hen Unforgettable

It’s always a fun time when you have to organise a hen do for your best friend. After all, you can’t wait to give her one last night of freedom. But organising a hen do is a lot harder than you think. It can be a challenge to make sure everything is all planned and sorted, and everyone turns up in time; especially the guest of honour! And while most of us often dwell on the main things such as the location of the hen and the activities, it’s often the small things which make the biggest difference. Therefore, don’t forget these little details which will make your friend’s hen unforgettable.

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A selection of fun games to play

If you are heading somewhere abroad for the hen do, there might be some downtime in between activities. And unless you want the hens to get bored, you should organise some fun games which will bring on the giggles. Playing games is also an excellent way for the hens to bond. It can break the ice for people who don’t know each other. Of course, you should try and make the games to do with the bride..

A special gift for the bride to be

It’s always good to treat the bride to be. After all, the hen is all about her, so you want her to feel rather special. Therefore, you should get a gift for the bride to be that she can keep as a reminder of the hen. You might want to get her a guestbook which is signed with a special message from each of the hens. Or you could go for a photo album which she can fill with pictures of the hen do. And you might want to get her some of her favourite things. For example, if she loves cheese, you could get her something related such as cheese hampers. Or if she is fond of a particular band, you could get their latest CD or a poster for her to keep!

A funny clothes theme

Once you have decided what you all will be doing for the hen, you need to think about what you will all wear. After all, a lot of hens all wear a particular colour or theme when they attend a hen. For example, you might want to go for a superhero theme, so everyone has to dress up in costumes. Or you might want all the hens to wear red while the bride stands out in white! Choose a funny clothes theme in advance to ensure your friend’s hen stands out!

Cute little invites

You also need to ensure all the hens have an invite with all the relevant details. For one thing, it’s something they can keep forever. And also, it will ensure they don’t turn up late or at the wrong destination. And as this feature explains, you might want to keep a note of the girl’s contact numbers just in case they don’t turn up!

And remember to get gift bags for the hens. That way, they all have something cute to take home to celebrate their attendance. You can find ideas of what to put in online.

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