Special Things for the Groom on the Wedding Day

People often make a big fuss about how a wedding is the bride’s special day. However, there are two people involved in a wedding. It’s the groom’s special day too, and he deserves to get just as much attention. Just because he hasn’t been raised to aim for his dream wedding, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Sometimes it can be difficult getting him to join in with the planning. He can let the bride have control and express that he doesn’t mind what happens. But many grooms do want to be involved and play an active part in the planning and the wedding itself. Check out these ways to do something special for the groom.

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Groom’s Cake

It’s no secret that weddings can have the tendency to be more feminine than many grooms might like. That might be one of the reasons why some of them don’t seem interested. You’ve probably seen some elaborate wedding cakes, which often might not reflect the groom’s wishes. Although, some of them only care if it tastes good. One way to do something special is to have a cake designed for the groom. Even better, you can design the wedding cake together to reflect your personalities. Some couples get a cake made inspired by their favorite TV show, for example.

The Ring

The groom will have to wear his ring for the entirety of the marriage. Many couples choose matching plain gold bands. However, he might prefer to pick something else. Gold wedding rings are impractical for some grooms, and even some brides. Remember that your rings don’t have to match. So he can choose what he likes without taking yours into account. He might want to have a custom ring, like Harlin Jones wedding rings. Perhaps he wants to use an alternative material, which could be anything from tungsten to silicon.

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Not all grooms, and indeed not all brides, are interested in things like flowers and decorations. But most people care about the entertainment they’re going to have at the reception. Most couples choose music, whether it’s live or a DJ. If the groom doesn’t have strong opinions on much else, he might want to pick the music. Of course, both halves of the couple should agree on the final choice. You could also have the band or DJ play a special song for him, or the bride could even sing one herself.

A Special Gift

If you want to surprise him, you could get the groom a gift for the day of the wedding. You could present it at the reception, perhaps during the speeches, or in private at some point during the day. It could be something for him to wear, like a watch or cufflinks. Perhaps you could prepare a performance for him or make a video. You could also get him something for the honeymoon or even just a practical but quality gift.

The groom deserves to be treated like a prince as much as the bride is treated like a princess. Make sure you remember it’s his day too.

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