Simple Ways To Give Your Wedding A Unique Twist

You’ll only get married once, so ensuring that your big day is everything that you dreamed it would be is essential. Of course, while tradition is important when it comes to your nuptials, you don’t want a wedding that’s like every other.

Oh no, your wedding needs to be a unique affair that’s laced with lots of personal touches and twists on tradition. It can still be a beautifully traditional day, just with a few small touches that make it that little bit different. After all, you want the day you tie the knot to be remembered, don’t you?

To help you plan a wedding with carefully thought out unique touches, we’ve put together a few ideas. Have a read, take these on board, and if you like them, implement them.

Add cute little details to your outfit

While a beautiful wedding dress is a must, it’s not all you need for your special day. You need a little wedding outfit customization, after all, it’s your big day you should stand out.

To give your veil a cute little touch, why not add a monogram to it? This could be your initials or even those of your new husband. Just make sure to hire a professional seamstress to deal with this task for you.

Or how about having ‘I do!’ Written on the bottom of your shoes? That way, when you kneel for the blessing and your shoes poke out of your dress, everyone will see the unique base of them. For this, using sequins can work well, or for a more understated look, a permanent marker can work just as well. Just make sure to use a stencil to ensure the writing looks neat and stylish.

Don’t toast with champagne

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It might be tradition to toast with champagne but why not mix things up a little? Bubbly might be the classic choice for toasts, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with it. Why not get creative and mix things up a little?

Instead of serving champagne, opt for pink champagne or a cocktail of your choice? If you’re sure that you want champagne, then how about a champagne cocktail? These are a great compromise on the classic glass of champagne for toasts and taste delicious.

Make photography fun

Of course, you’ll want a regular photographer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t implement other types of photography too. For a wedding that’s fun and memorable, lots of photographs is a must.

How about dotting disposable cameras around the room? In the 90’s disposable cameras were all the rage for weddings. Today, disposable cameras are a fun and unique way to make your wedding photography memorable.

Or, how about hiring a photo booth for your wedding? Everyone might be hiring photo booths, but not everyone has a VW photo booth at their big day. As well as regular wedding photo booths, there are also plenty of unique ones to choose from.

A great way to make sure that you can easily find all the photos from your wedding is by having your own Instagram hashtag. That way, whenever pictures of your big day are uploaded, they’ll be saved under that hashtag and will be easy to find and access.

Get creative with the food

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Almost every couple has a sit-down meal. The classics are salmon en croute, goats cheese and red onion tartlets, and chicken in white wine. Instead of opting for a sit-down meal, why not do something different?

How about having a buffet with antipasti and cheese and crackers? Or what about a lovely hog roast? Your wedding should be as unique as you, so if you want your big day to be special, you need to get creative with the food.

For a wedding that’s beautifully unique, take these ideas on board.

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