Romelodie: Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

With the technology today long distance relationship is on the rise, more and more single are looking for partners online. Some are lucky when their relationship end to marriage, but there are some who are left broken hearted.  If you are dating online you should know that there are lots of things to consider and to refrain in order to survive a long distance relationship. One of the most important factor is there should be an open channel for both couples, an effective communication to connect and be updated always.

Anyway, while surfing around my Facebook account I have stumbled on video with already thousand of shares from netizens and to my curiosity I  have also watched the video and oh boy it was so sweet, such a beautiful love story! You should watch it too!

[Video grabbed from romelodie manabe]

The video above is about the love story between a Filipino (Romel) and a Canadian (Elodie). How it began and how they survive long distance relationship despite the distance. As narrated in the video, their story started with a friend request on Facebook in November 2009 and since then they have constant communication through other social medium like Skype and MSN.  They both enjoyed each other’s company, having a good and sweet conversation and on January 2012 in the Philippines they finally met when Elodie pays a visit and after a year they decided to tie the knot on August 2013! Congratulations guys!

Destiny isn’t it? See how their name fits one another? Well, as the couple says with a real and true love, patience and trust they survive a long and distant relationship! So if they can, why can you? If you are also in a  long distance relationship don’t lose hope to find a happy ending, just always open the channel and put trust to each other.  Best wishes!

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