Marrying a Korean

Korea is a dream country to other people especially those who are fanatic of Koreanovelas, if you are one of them you might think Korea is a paradise and dream world. Well probably on different aspect, the answer is yes but there are several factors that waking you up to reality.  Life is not easy in Korea especially if you are not aware of the culture and not been out of the country on your whole life and all of your life you didn’t eat other food rather than the food around you.

Korean Intermarriage Couple

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According to what I read many  of the woman married to Korean end up to divorce, either their husband beat them up, cultural differences, no time for them, infidelity, problems with in-laws and many more factors that broke their marriage. Some wives left their husband and run to friends, hide and work secretly to factories and other establishment they could work and support themselves and families way back home.  The dream of better life they though of having in Korea was just a  dream and nightmare.

If you are dreaming of marrying to Korean men are you aware that Korean men use brokers to find wives? Yes they do,  most of the Korean men go to international matchmaking agencies to find wives because there chance of marrying Korean women is small. They may have been too old,  divorced,  not financially stable and not appealing to Korean women. A show up were made so a  Korean men can choose whom he wants to marry from the set of 2 or more girls, once chosen the wedding ceremony will follow the next day or in few days.

Most of this foreign bride were lied, suffer isolation and abused by their husband, agency will inform them that their husband is a manager or has a lot of  properties and etc. Though there are still some marriage relationship that came from matchmaking agencies are happy and contented. You really don’t know when you are going to be lucky!

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  1. […] Fixed or arraigned marriage could be legal in South Korea but not in the Philippines under Anti-Mail Order Bride Law of 1990 or Republic Act 6955. Just two days ago a  mail order bride business  in the Philippines was tracked down by local police rescuing 29 women and  arresting two South Korean men and their local partners. Report said, the gang collects a big sum of money from Korean men seeking Filipino wives, lying to them that the money will go to the women’s family but actually it will not,  just  a small portion were given the bride for processing her spousal visa application to Korea.  Most of these women were promised a better life in Korea but often ended on being abused and lied read here. […]

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