Mail-Order Bride and Fixed Marriage in Korea

International marriages is a trend encouraged by the government of South Korea to solve the low birthrate problem and country’s rapidly aging population, since most women move to big cities to live and work it resulted in lack of population of women in rural areas of South Korea so Korean men seek help of marriage brokers and agencies to find bride from east Asian countries like Vietnam, China, Japan, Philippines and others.

Mail Order Bride

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Fixed or arraigned marriage could be legal in South Korea but not in the Philippines under Anti-Mail Order Bride Law of 1990 or Republic Act 6955. Just two days ago a  mail order bride business  in the Philippines was tracked down by local police rescuing 29 women and  arresting two South Korean men and their local partners. Report said, the gang collects a big sum of money from Korean men seeking Filipino wives, lying to them that the money will go to the women’s family but actually it will not,  just  a small portion were given the bride for processing her spousal visa application to Korea.  Most of these women were promised a better life in Korea but often ended on being abused and lied read here.

The arrest maybe good for the government but not to many Filipino women with high hopes to help their family by getting into marriage brokers and marrying a foreigner.


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