Looking Dainty at a Bridal Shower Party

A bridal shower is a party thrown by the maid of honor as a fun way of celebrating the bride’s last days of her singlehood. During the party, there are rules to live by when choosing the right color for the dress to avoid stealing the guests’ attention. What to wear is the foremost question that guests would like to know before attending the party to show their respect and honor to the bride- to-be.

As a general rule, never wear white and similar shades of bridal shower dress because it is exclusively the color of the dress of the bride-to-be. Though it may sound superstitious, black is synonymous with death and to avoid offending the people around you, stay away from this color. Red is comparable to aggression and sensuality and wearing a red dress can distract the attention of the guests. Instead of looking at the bride, their attention is focused on you.

Woman in Beige Wedding Dress Holding Bouquet Flower Together With Other Three Woman in Assorted Colors of Dresses

[Photo courtesy of Jaime Fernandez/pexels.com]

Dressing for this momentous event of the bride-to-be should be taken with extra care because this is a prelude to the wedding day. You can wear other shades of green, blue, yellow or pink. Avoid competing with the bride by wearing flowing gowns or flamboyant attire. Reserve this type of dress for the premiere night or a ballroom party.

If you need ideas where to look for a dress for the bride’s party, there are shopping portals that offers a wide selection of dresses to bring out the best in you. You can pick a dress made of tulle, organza, chiffon or satin with various embellishments to create a good impression of yourself while at your friend’s shower party. You can wear nude color and shades of ivory provided they are combined with another color since the former colors are oftentimes mistaken as white especially at night. For the bride-to-be, she should look dainty and immaculate with her white dress

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