Important Things To Avoid When Planning A Bachelorette

Bachelorette parties can often be as rowdy as those get-togethers we’d expect from the boys. But there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that! What is wrong, however, is committing one of the following few blunders.

As party planner, it’s your job to make the night memorable, fun and most importantly – embarrassment-free. Right away, I’d advise you to not watch the movie Bridesmaids, and definitely do not plan anything you wouldn’t like yourself.

So, here’s how you can keep your bachelorette party luxurious and fun, while avoiding certain pitfalls!

Don’t embarrass the bride

It’s her big night; so make her feel as comfortable as possible. If you had something in mind, like a stripper, don’t do it. If she ends up feeling too embarrassed, it can dampen the night and it’ll be your fault. Would you like to be in those shoes? Probably not.

Nope. [Image courtesy of Jack/]

Don’t make the guests spend a lot of money

Most people will attend at least one wedding a year, if not more. And that means there could be a few pricey bachelorettes. Everything from travel to clothing to gifts can quickly make those costs stack up.

The thing is, not everyone has the cash to spend, or wants to spend it on a bachelorette. Try and plan your bachelorette to keep costs for the guests as low as possible. If you’re planning a vacation, sites like can offer you advice on this. Remember to keep things fun, and low-cost!

Don’t plan it around alcohol

Alcohol is fine, but this is a night you want to remember – so make sure people can actually remember it! Of course, drinking can be a part of the night, but try to keep things minimal. Getting wasted in a nightclub may seem fun at the time, but it won’t the morning after!

What happens when you drink too much… [Image courtesy of Alexi Ueltzen/]

Don’t plan strenuous physical activity

While some physical activity is perfectly fine, don’t go overboard. This is a night for people to relax – not get so shattered that they want to go to bed early. I suppose a game of laser tag would be acceptable, but it all depends on the bride’s personality. Would she enjoy it? I’d recommend keeping things simple, rather than trying to go overboard.

Don’t build the guest list yourself

You may be fond of certain people that the bride absolutely hates, or vice versa. But, this is the bride’s night – so it should be her guest list. Under no circumstances should you invite any guys – a bachelorette is a celebration of female friendships!

If you’re in doubt, just consult the bride. Let her choose who’s on the guest list, so you don’t end up inviting someone who’s unwelcome. If you’re struggling with the guest list, don’t fret! There’s plenty of help on the matter, such as

Don’t argue

Even if you aren’t fond of certain guests in attendance and even if you dislike the bridesmaids dress, keep it to yourself! This night isn’t about you, it’s about the bride, and creating a brilliant send-off to single life. Nobody likes drama at any sort of occasion, and this is no exception.

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