Ideas For Your Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party

Your bachelor/ bachelorette party is a great way to celebrate with your nearest and dearest, shortly before taking the leap into married life. If you’re currently looking for things to do for yours, here are a few ideas to get you started.

A Night Out

A night is a popular choice for a bachelor/ bachelorette party. You get to glam up, and with your closest friends and family with you you’re sure to have an incredible time. You could go to a cocktail bar, a club or a restaurant depending on the type of evening you were after. Either way, it’s sure to be a night to remember.

A Party At Home

Rather than a night out, why not consider a party at home instead? You can go as simple or elaborate with it if you like, but it’s good way to keep costs down if you want to spend less as everything can be done on a budget. It also means your guests don’t have to spend much too. The average wedding guest already has to spend a fair amount attending. Think travel, outfits, wedding gifts, drinks at the reception and more- so it’s a good option for them too. Plus it’s handy for you when you have an expensive wedding right around the corner! You could arrange games and activities for people to do which wouldn’t cost much. Decorations can be found in dollar stores and on eBay for next to nothing. If everyone brings a bottle, you could set up a ‘bar’ area so that the drinks are flowing.

A Day Trip or Activity

If you have a bit more to spend or really want to make an occasion out of it, you could arrange a day out. Ladylike activities for your bachelorette, hen or doe party (depending on where in the world you live!) could be anything from a spa day to an elegant afternoon tea. If you’re looking for bachelor, stag or bucks party ideas, there are lots of sporty and exciting activities to consider. Paintballing, go-karting and quad biking to name just a few.

A Holiday or Mini Break

To go all out, arranging boys/ girls only holidays away could be a fun way to celebrate with your respective friendship groups. This could be a particularly good option if you have friends or family members who will be unable to attend the wedding for any reason. This gives you time to spend and celebrate with them beforehand. Check with your guests if this is something they can or want to do before deciding on anything. Financial issues, child care and getting time off work can all be a problem for some people, and so it’s important to find out if it’s a realistic choice.

Have you started planning your bachelor and bachelorette parties yet? What kinds of ideas have you considered?

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