Five Perfect Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

Single? Hate the ‘v’ word? fear not. This article isn’t going to implore you to buy the best valentines gifts or list those all-too romantic movies and love songs. and don’t worry, nor will it encourage you to indulge in copious chocolate binges and pity fests.

If you’re one of the bittersweet singletons among us, then read on, because February 14th is a day of celebration. Here are a few valentines ideas for singles that don’t necessarily glorify the romance of v-day, but celebrate love in general – love for yourself, your friends, your relatives and so on. These valentines ideas could also work for singles who would prefer to be coupled up. So go on; revel regardless of your relationship status.

Luxuriate in yourself. Given that valentine’s day is quintessentially about love, why not spend the day, well, loving yourself? Leave work early and pamper yourself with a lavish mini-pedi or chill at home in front of the television alongside your favorite takeaway. at the end of the day, you only have yourself to please, right?

Start something you’ve been meaning to finish. If indulging yourself isn’t really your style, then use the day to finish (or start) something you’ve been meaning to get done. Get those finances sorted, rearrange your kitchen cupboards, re-decorate the lounge, paint your nails…anything goes. Singles on valentine s day definitely don’t spend February 14th wallowing.

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Try something new. Valentines day for singles doesn’t have to revolve around romance. How about taking up yoga? Learn the art of ballet dancing? Start something you’ve never done before or hardly got to do because of your hectic schedule, such as baking, cooking or swimming.

Spread the love. What goes around comes around, as they say so start an epidemic. Send love someone else’s way. Is there a co-worker or friend who could do with a spot of pampering? Does your local barista or sandwich maker look in need of cheering up? Treat them to a hallmark card, or if you really want to blaze a trail, volunteer locally and help someone less fortunate than you. One act of kindness breeds a domino effect of goodness.

Better to be single than an unhappy couple. Remind yourself that couple doesn’t guarantee happiness. For many couples, February 14th means a lot of stress, with worries about what valentine deals to buy and whether their partner will remember. Being single is less lonely than being miserably attached. Spend the day as you see fit; having spent the whole night in a snore-free bed on your own, you’ll feel fresh to enjoy the day and spend it eating, doing, watching and playing whatever the hell you want.

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