Essential Style And Grooming Tips For The Groom!

So many people head to a wedding and just can’t wait to see the blushing bride. What dress will she wear? How will she have her hair? People don’t give much thought to the groom, and what he will look like. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t look his absolute best too – the spotlight will be on him for most of the day too! Here are some essential style and grooming tips the groom can use:

Start Taking Care Of Your Skin In Advance

If you start taking care of your skin in advance of the wedding, then you’ll look just as healthy as the bride on your big day. You don’t want premature wrinkles, spots, and other skin imperfections messing up your beautiful wedding photos. It’s unlikely you’re going to want to wear makeup for them, so make sure you look after your skin. Get into the habit of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing in the morning and at night time. You can even get face masks and start exfoliating if you want. They do face masks for men these days, so you don’t need to worry about looking or feeling too girly.

Drink And Eat Right In The Run Up

By eating and drinking right in the run up to your wedding, you’ll get an overall healthy glow and feel incredible. By drinking plenty of water, you’ll help to rid your body of toxins and encourage your skin to clear up. By eating the right foods, you’ll feel more energetic and may even drop a few pounds. You don’t want to feel sloppy on your big day, so pay close attention to what you’re putting into your body.

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Make Sure Your Nails Are Clean And Tidy

There’s nothing worse than a man with untidy nails! Dirt can easily get stuck under nails, so make sure this isn’t the case with yours. You might have close up pictures of cutting the cake and the rings, so ensure they are nice and clean and well shaped. You could even go for a manicure somewhere if you feel comfortable.

Wear Something Unique

Instead of wearing something boring like all the other grooms in the world wear, try looking for something unique so that you stand out on your big day. Why should the bride get to have all of the fun? You can get something perfectly suited to you from a place like Michael Andrews bespoke. Go all out and find something that really suits your personality.

Get To The Gym

Why not start getting a few workouts in a week to make sure you look your best in the pictures? You have the honeymoon to think about too! Weight lifting will help you to shape your body, while cardio can help you to burn excess fat if you need to.

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to look your very best on your big day. By taking care of yourself from the inside out, the bride won’t be the only one who stands out in the pictures. Have an amazing day!

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