Cute Finishing Touches You Should Add To Your Fall Wedding

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean that wedding season has come to an end just yet. In fact, it’s time to get geared up ready for all the fall weddings that are just around the corner! Are you planning on getting married in the following months? Then you will probably be thinking of ways to help your fall wedding stand out from all the crowd. To help you out, here’s our guide to cute finishing touched you should add to your fall wedding.

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Seasonal Treats

The weather will be getting colder, so it may not be the best idea to serve light summer dishes for your wedding breakfast. Instead, think about incorporating lots of seasonal treats into your menu. If you are getting married in October, you could always offer some food associated with Halloween, such as toffee apples. Planning a November wedding? Then think about theming your menu around Thanksgiving and serve candied yams and roast turkey. In fact, roast dinners are a great addition to any fall wedding menu.

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The evenings will soon be drawing in, which means the chances are that you could have a long night on the day of your wedding. And what better way to enjoy the dark evenings by watching a firework display! Many couples love to set off some fireworks during the evening party of their event. However, you should double check with the venue to ensure that this is safe. In fact, whether you are allowed to let them off or not could be the deciding factor between an outdoor and indoor fall wedding venue.


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Warm Color Tones

When we think of the fall, we often think of red and yellow leaves and warm earth color tones. So you should try and incorporate these into your wedding theme and decor as much as possible. You could use these colors in your table decorations and also in your bouquet. Pick some seasonal flowers that are closely associated with fall for your bouquet. These will be the perfect colors and also help give your wedding a cozy autumnal feel.

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Fall Wedding Stationary

How do you want your invites and place names on the tables to look? Most couples choose to match them. For the ultimate fall look, give them a rustic feel by creating them out of cardboard. Use some twine in the design as well. This rural and rustic look goes hand in hand with a fall design and decor, and will help your wedding to really look the part!


Fall is pumpkin season! So scatter some of these large orange vegetables around your wedding venue to help up the autumnal vibe. You don’t have to carve them – that could make your wedding feel like a child’s Halloween party! Instead, surround them with some pretty flowers for a sophisticated look.

Who needs to get married in the summer when you can have an amazing autumnal ceremony?! Hopefully, this blog post will help you plan the fall wedding of your dreams!

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