Complicated Married Life

Since I have stumbled to pages made for Filipinas married to foreigners it already became my habit to read few stories about their problems and give a piece of advice.

What caught my attention today is the story of Ms. X being married to a foreigner, according to her story they met through agency. She marry her husband so she can help her family financially. Her main problem is her husband doesn’t know that she is a single mother and she still have a communication to her boyfriend of few years which she said cannot just forget because of the memories they shared with. Now she feels guilty and scared to open her secret to her husband because she already learned to love him.

My say:

Her purposed to marry a foreigner is wrong but we can’t blame her because that’s the reality now a days and we are not on her shoes, though her situation today is very complicated, as an idiom says “Huwag kang mamangka sa dalawang ilog”, don’t be unfaithful. She should only choose and love one. You only have one heart and you cannot love two person on the same manner, one exceed from the other.

One more thing we cannot kept a secret for a lifetime like we cannot hide the stench of a dead rat forever. Her mistake is not to be honest in the first place and now she is suffering the consequences and guilt. Having a luggage to carry is not easy, it is like a nightmare you cannot escape at night. It would be easy if we can ask someone to carry our luggage, but the reality is we carry our own tail.

As a married woman she should let go of her boyfriend, give the guy a chance to find someone who is free to love him likewise to his husband. Things will get more complicated if her husband discover her secrets from other people, so as early as she can she should confess her secrets and if her husband cannot accept it nothing else she can do, at least she is guilt free. If her husband divorced her then she is free to be in relationship with her boyfriend.

And don’t let her kid to grow hatred to her for being kept in a distance and disown just to marry a foreigner.

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