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Celebrating Wedding Anniversary

Today is the wedding anniversary of my parents and I forgot about it, if I am not reminded by my husband I am not going to remember it. Bad child huh? My mind is just so occupied these past few days that I already forgot what date it is, thanks to the calendar in my laptop that constantly helping me to track the date.

Anyway my parents really don’t celebrate their anniversaries like we don’t celebrate our birthdays. To us it is already a luxury that we cannot afford to celebrate, it was only these last few years that we cooked or buy something when someone has a birthday. I am thinking of buying them a wedding anniversary but probably the printer and cleopatra chair my mother bought will serve as a wedding anniversary gift, what you think.

Dating on Valentines Day

Valentines Day is now fast approaching probably most couple are now planning where and when to spend their Valentines Date. I remember those time on College where my friends and I wore same color of clothes just to be in trend. Wearing red was popular then well probably until now but those time we agreed to wear black shirts as we are all loveless. Haha

Surely most dating place like parks and cinemas are full on Valentines Day. It is one of the special day where couple have their time together to express and treasure their love with each other. My husband and I has no plan on Valentines Day, normally we just eat dinner and that’s it no more no less.

Over a Printer Box Argument

My husband and I fought over a box of printer, these past few days he is in the mood of cleaning and throwing boxes outside of our apartment. That includes the boxes of juicer, electric  grill, camera, printer, blender and many more. I asked for the box of printer because I just thought I am going to need it if I would like to send the printer home if he will give it to me when we need to move to a new place.

I have asked him many times, I used too many please and I almost beg for the box but his neck is very stiff to no. I came to the point that I felt very hurt and I want to explode so I started throwing tantrums like a two years old.

With him very disappointed with my actuation told me I am not going to be back in Korea anymore after our short vacation. Unlike those previous times that he told me that same thing, this time I didn’t cry, I just smile and says thank you. I am already used in to it and I think if he is really serious nothing could change his mind so be it.

Anyway like most relationships ours is not perfect, we always argue but we always end making up. Since I got married I learned on how to lower my pride and I always make sure that before we sleep we are already on peace, well I guess that’s the reason why my husband likes teasing me so much because he knows no matter how he made me angry I will raise a white flag.

Arguing, fighting and misunderstanding is part of almost relationship to make it alive and healthy.  Some relationship fails because no one want to accept their fault and lower their pride. In order a relationship succeed one should listen while the other is speaking.