A Guide To The Most Amazing Outdoor Wedding Venues

It’s no secret that your wedding venue can make or break your big day. If you’ve always been someone who loves the great outdoors, an al fresco wedding could be right up your street. Be it a beautiful beach wedding in Hawaii or a more simple affair in your backyard, it doesn’t matter; outdoor weddings can be amazing.

Just like indoor weddings, when it comes to planning an outdoor do, there’s a lot that needs to be thought about. From the seating arrangements to the food, there’s a lot of planning that needs to be done for an outdoor wedding. Of course, the most important factor is choosing which of the many outside wedding venues you want to hold your wedding at.

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To help you choose the perfect wedding venue, we’ve put together a few ideas. Hopefully, these will give you some inspiration and help you to find the ideal place to tie the knot.

Beach wedding

If you love the relaxed vibe, the beach creates, a beach wedding could be perfect for you. The great thing about opting to tie the knot on the beach is that there are so many beautiful beaches to choose from. Whether you opt for a beach that’s close to your home or somewhere a little more exotic, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure to check that it’s legal to tie the knot on the beach of your choice.

Forest celebration

Do you have a love of nature? If so, a forest wedding could be ideal for you. There’s something insanely beautiful about saying your vows under a canopy of trees with the sounds of nature all around. The great thing about a forest wedding is that if you want to, you could transform the area where you’ll say your vows into a magical place. Think fairy lights, scented candles, big cushions for your guests to sit on. There are so many simple things you can do to make the space even more magical.

Tie the knot in your backyard

Do you have a beautiful garden? If you’ve always dreamed of an outdoor wedding and have a lovely big backyard, it could be the perfect place to hold your big day. The great thing about opting to say “I do,” in your backyard is that should it rain; you’ve always got the house as a backup. It might not be as luxurious as saying your vows in a fancy hotel, but it can be even more beautiful. This is especially true if you’re surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

Hire a vineyard

For an outdoor wedding with a difference, how about saying your vows in a vineyard? While you might have to hold your wedding away from home, a vineyard celebration can be beautiful. What’s more romantic than saying your vows between the grapevines? Plus, you may even be able to do a deal with the vineyard owner that includes a few bottles of complimentary wine for your reception.

So there you have it, a few outdoor wedding ideas to consider.

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