5 Reasons to Have a Beach Wedding

A beach wedding achieves the nearly impossible: it allows you to be relaxed while you’re taking one of the most important steps of your life. A beach wedding means you don’t have to worry about decorations. Your friends and family will thank you for the excuse to head to the beach and the little vacation. The groom will be happy with the simplicity of a beach wedding how beautiful his bride looks with the dramatic back drop of the beach. This can also be your honeymoon location, saving you a trip after a long day. There are lots of reasons to have a beach wedding but the amount of money you can save is reason alone. You can have the sound of the waves in the background as you say I do. The sound of the waves and the soft natural light of a late morning or early evening sun create an atmosphere that says ‘there is nothing more important in the world, at this moment, than the commitment that this couple is making’. The following article addresses 5 specific reasons why a beach wedding is the way to.

Reason 1 – Romance

The trip to the beach will be romantic. This will be more memorable than a church wedding, identical music or wedding band and food as the previous weddings you have attended. Take advantage of nature to make your wedding unique and stand out of the crowd.

Reason 2 – Intimacy

Keep things modest and intimate. A small wedding guest will insure that those who really matter attend. A smaller guest list will also be kinder on your budget; you only need your loved ones to be there.

[Image courtesy of Abdecoral/pixabay.com]

Reason 3 – Adventures

It gives you an option to spend time with family and friends. This will allow you to enjoy shared meals and adventures, create intimate camp like surroundings.

Reason 4 – Planning made easy!

Less hassle leaves the bride with more time to relax and enjoy the special day. Since you kept it tiny and with the help of a wedding advisor, a beach wedding may be much less exhaustive to plan, enabling the bride to feel like all she has to do is show up and find the perfect dress.

Reason 5 – Cost

Cost is the main reason. Due to its modest wedding guest list, a beach wedding really cost less expensive than a normal wedding. That’s assuming that you are not going to bring in suppliers from New York and flying in flowers and rentals. Just think of the marvelous cost saving opportunity that may free up some funds to put towards the honeymoon, printing wedding invitation or buying the perfect dress.

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