3 Things to Consider When Planning a Vintage Wedding

When you are planning your wedding, it is all about you and your fiance. It needs to be just as the two of you would like. There is no need to try to please anyone else or plan to what anyone else wants. You might want a unique theme and style to the wedding that would suit you as a couple. Retro or vintage weddings are becoming more popular, so perhaps that is to the taste of the two of you? Here are a few tips and ideas to help you plan a fantastic vintage wedding.

Vintage Wedding


Think about the Invitations

When you have chosen all the main details, like the date and the venue, the next step is the invitations. This will be the first taste of the wedding that your guests will get so you want it to show exactly what they will expect. It should show that your wedding will be retro or vintage themed. If they know you well, they know that this will be perfect for you two as a couple. Have a look online and see what styles you like and what will suit the look you are after. There are some gorgeous gatsby-inspired invites you can find. You could also look at some great retro wedding invitations from Paper Themes. It is a good idea to continue the theme and look of the invites, through to other wedding stationary like the programme, menus and thank you cards.

Think about the Venue

In years past, quite often weddings would take place in houses with large gardens. So a hotel in the middle of town might not suit the vintage theme. Look for a house that does events out in the country. If there is a rustic barn that could be decorated, it will make an awesome shabby-chic style reception. Maybe you know someone that has something suitable that they would let you use? It would help to keep the cost down too. Large green spaces will make some brilliant photos on the day so be sure to look for somewhere with a lot of open space or grounds.

If you have a specific time frame, you are looking to theme your wedding at, you could also go for something specific to that. If you are going for a 1920s style, think about a ballroom or a church built in that time. If you are going for a 60s theme, what about an awesome art gallery for a super funky wedding?

Vintage Wedding Dress


Think about the Dress

In can be quite a challenge to find just the right dress that you are after, that is in a vintage style. There will be a lot of online stores to browse which is a big help. You could also check out thrift shops to try and find the perfect dress. If you got a dress that was worn before, you would get a good price on it. You could then pay to get it altered if need be, so don’t worry if it is a size that is too big.

If you plan around these three things, I think that the rest of the details of the wedding will fall into place. Good luck!

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