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Mass Wedding in Town

While, looking throughout our window today I saw a motorcycle passed by with a couple in white dresses I just thought there’s someone who got married because I was not reminded of the conversation we had with the errand boy of our barangay captain, he told us the other day that he is getting married, even one of their godparents and reception place was mentioned it was just a random talk and not an invitation while buying purified water in our house.

It turns out there is mass wedding in town today, we just found it out when a 4-wheel car entered and parked along the yard because one of our distant cousin got married today too and his boss was invited explaining the 4-wheel car.

Mass wedding is a really a great help for couple who want their union to be blessed and official without spending a dime or spending a lot of money for the wedding as well as the reception.

We teased one of our cousin (twice removed) why they didn’t attended the mass wedding, he is been living with his partner for a few years already and they already have a daughter attending day care centre, he just teased us back that he will already return his girlfriend so why marry.  We knew it was just a joke because his family is known for holding big reception or gathering on birthdays and weddings.  So my guess, they’re probably saving for their wedding day.