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Mother of the Bride Dresses – The Essential Dress Style Guide for your Body Shape

If the big day is fast approaching then one of the main items on any mother of the bride to do list is to pick out their outfit. Of course, you are going to want to look your absolute best for your daughter’s big day and so you should! If you are struggling to find a look that complements your body shape then this essential guide has everything you need to know.

Pear shaped women

Pear shaped women are beautifully curvaceous, with a wider bottom half than the top. It is important in this case to flatter your best assets and cover up what you would prefer to hide! A dress with an A-Line skirt will balance out your hips with your legs, giving you a more even appearance. Any frills or features of the dress should really be at the top, to show off your shoulders and make you look bigger up top too. A deep V-neck dress will highlight your bust area and draw attention to what you have got! Finish off with a waist belt, or fitted jacket, to cinch you in at your smallest area.

Hour glass shaped women

Those who have well balanced hips and bust, with a smaller waist, are hour glass shaped. This curvy shape looks absolutely stunning in pretty much anything and is ‘the’ vintage look of the moment. Think Marilyn Monroe with a 1950’s style fitted frock that has an A-Line or pleated skirt and fitted top. Don’t be afraid of a body-con look as your curves are your best feature! If you are worried about lumps and bumps showing up then invest in some body control underwear that will hide anything you don’t want people to see. Those who would prefer to show less should opt for a shift dress instead which will look amazing on the big day. Remember to finish off with a nicely fitted jacket for chillier days and a stunning hat.

Rectangular or athletic shaped women

For those who go straight up and down, or have very few curves then the World is pretty much your oyster (you lucky things)! If you want to give the illusion of curves then remember to use accessories such as belts to cinch your waist in and low necklines to give the illusion of a larger bust area. Patterns are a great way of highlighting your assets too, so you can be as daring as you like. If you would prefer to opt for something less body-con and more floaty then be sure to pick a flowing skirt that does not swallow you up.

Whatever your body shape there will always be the perfect dress to suit you. It is important to try on various outfits, with the help of friend, before deciding what flatters and what doesn’t! If you are confused as to what body shape you may be then pop to a local dress store and ask them to take your measurements before deciding which style would suit you best!

Royal Blue Wedding Invitations

The other day, my cousin’s boyfriend came over to our house handing something that is rolled. By the look of it, it looks like a wedding invitation since it was known that my cousin and him are getting married soon. I took it but was surprised to know that I have separate invitation from my younger sister and parents.

Royal Blue Wedding Invitations

The invitation was beautifully wrapped and adorned with cute yellow flower. Their wedding theme is royal blue, and I am already thinking what clothes to wear that will blend in the theme.

Online Dating: No Longer Taboo!

As the title suggests, online dating is no longer perceived as taboo with 74% of singles claiming to have used an online dating site. So competitive is the industry that the online dating giants are on a never ending quest to better match singles up and find new ways of assessing and delivering compatible dates.

Is there really a formula for love?

One of the biggest achievements the dating services can lay claim to is actually getting people to talk about online dating. The general consensus is that online dating is a legitimate way to find love. Commercialization of the dating industry has paved the way for single people to embrace Internet dating.

Statistical algorithms is how okcupid have set themselves apart from the competition. okcupid does not employ matchmakers, they employ mathematicians to match people up. Today, online dating services are going to extreme lengths to ensure that the dates you go on are not going to end in a disaster.

Online Dating

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Matchmaking algorithms have uncovered some very interesting trends and behaviors about just how men and women behave online. For instance, we have learned just how much race plays out in the dating game. Black people dating online tend to receive fewer messages even though they are just as engaged as other races – an upsetting reality that told us that the world would seem to be less engaged with certain races. With this finding it seems there is still a lot of prejudice out there.

The first impression – make it count

What you might think as trivial can often play a significant role in the responses you get. For example, guys who begin their messages with “howdy” receive a greater response rate than men who start with “hey”. And ladies who show off their cleavage in their profile picture receive 77% more responses – shallow but true. Would you believe that iphone users are more sexually active than Android users! People reveal a lot of information within their dating profiles thus enabling these mathematicians-matchmakers to crunch some intriguing numbers.

Shallow or reality?

Several of the leading dating sites have recently come under fire for determining their members based on attractiveness giving each member a rating or score of attractiveness. The level of attractiveness for individual users is gauged thanks to ratings from other members hence giving each member an overall score for their physical appearance.

The idea behind this ratings system is to pair up single people who are of a similar level of attractiveness. Think of it as going to a bar. Before you hit on a guy or girl, you’ll first assess your chances of success based on if that person appears to be in your league or not. So in theory, the ratings system allows you to have a better success rate by being introduced to single people within your range – make sense?

Online dating has emerged as far more than a simple profile matching system. The industry ranks as the fifth most popular online search according to recent hit statistics published in several online media resources. The real winners in the competitive online dating industry is the end user. A decade ago, the Internet was littered with many small online dating services – many of which gave the industry the bad name it has now seemingly recovered from.Remember the online dating sites that we used to see full of fake profiles and promises of finding love and other under-handed tactics to lure in the lonely hearts? This is a very rare thing to see now. Major search engines have also played their part in culling low quality dating sites from their search results. Single people can now engage in online dating with very little fear of being ripped off, or signing up to a dating site that cannot back up its obligations. There is big money being invested in this lucrative online industry. Quality and value for money is what singles can expect with online dating sites.

Large corporations now dominate the online dating game. For example, one of the first media giants to jump on board was when Fairfax Media Australia found its perfect match by purchasing RSVP for 40 million dollars. In more recent times, Australia’s 10 network purchased a stake in Oasis active. Funding of this nature has seen online dating services improve a great deal. Accordingly, users are offered more professional customer service, user safety procedures are implemented and member verification processes are common-place, and the dating systems and technologies themselves are far more advanced today.

Online dating, do you love it or hate it? With more than 140 million annual users it’s worth a shot.