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How to Find the Ideal Wedding Venue

A wedding venue can make or break a big day. The chances are, you’ve viewed many possible venues, read lots of reviews and have plenty of ideas – and all this can often lead to much confusion. Our goal is to help you eliminate the venues that aren’t suitable for your wedding day, so you’ll find the best venue to suit both you and your partner.

Where Do You Want to Get Married?

There are so many places in the world you can say “I do”. So you need to ask yourself and your partner, “where is the best place to get married?” Do you have a place in mind that’s special to you both? Is location important so both families can share your special day? Or would you rather have a more intimate wedding day abroad?

All of these questions will determine where in the world you choose to get married. Do you dream of getting married outdoors in the UK? Well, you might need to nip into the registry office first, as all UK weddings must take place in a permanent structure with a roof.

Wedding Venue

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Have You Both Got the Same Idea?

Whilst you might dream of a wedding in a tropical location, your partner may have their heart set on their 30 James Street. Talk to your partner to find out their dream wedding day to see if you’re on the page. If you’re not, you both need to come to some sort of a compromise. For example, you could always marry in your hometown and have a wedding blessing performed on a sunny beach abroad.

Are You Willing to Travel or Looking for an All-Inclusive Venue?

If transport is an issue, you might want to consider a wedding venue that can offer both a ceremony and reception venue. However, if you’re willing to travel, you’ll have more options. For example, you could marry in a church, barn, country house or stately home before heading off to a hotel, football club or even your own home for the reception. Take a look at the licensed wedding hotels or other wedding venues in your desired area.

How Many People Will Attend the Wedding?

You most likely know if you want a small, medium or large wedding. The size of the wedding party will determine your venue location, so ask plenty of questions and do your homework before you book the big day. The last thing you’ll want is to book a wedding venue that caters for over 200 people when you’ve only invited half that amount.

Do You Know the Availability?

It’s all well and good planning a wedding around a venue, but is that venue available for your desired day? Before you do anything, check dates and times so you don’t waste your time planning a big day in a venue that isn’t available.

Finding the perfect wedding venue doesn’t have to be stressful. Simply narrow down exactly what you both want, who is invited and when the big day will be. The rest will easily fall into place.